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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Well here we go the 3rd final game of the season, errr, sorry Regular season. Because until the math works out, the Sabres still have playoff hopes. Do I really have to root for the Canes tonight? But the Sabres are on the road, where they can play their hockey. Or they just play better in white, I don't know. But its up the QEW to the ACC to the Leafs. At this point last year, everyone was like get the year over with, so we can get to the Playoffs. Which of course were a gigantic disappointment. The Sabres are 4-3 against the Leafs this year, which is kinda sad. Because the Leafs aren't that good. Well neither are the Sabres, its tough get out of that mindset of how good the Sabres were. But its a must win for the Sabres, the Leafs, a eh it'd be nice if we won win. So should be interesting to see what happens tonight.

The Leafs

Well the Leafs continue their annual tradition of missing the playoffs, despite being the top valued club in the league. The fans keep lining the pockets, and the team keeps sucking. Well apparently Mats Sundin is done for the year, so they won't have to deal with him and Raycroft will be in the net. So the Sabres should have some help in the less talented Leafs. But effort always decides these ones. Theres probably a bunch of young kids hungry to show they belong, that they work hard tonight for Toronto. The Sabres have got to match the intensity. Antropov will be in so there is some offensive weapons still. But who knows how a team shows up when there isn't much to play for. Though the Leafs have won 6 of their last 9 games, and showed some fight. They just might pack it in for the season.


The leafs are hurt, raycroft is starting, and the Sabres need to win. Sounds like the Sabres will come out firing in this one? Probably not. This team has a self motivation issue. Winning has come easy, so its like they forgot how to win. Thus resulting in a season where they will probably barely miss the playoffs. Maybe thats a good thing. The Islanders sneaked in last year and they are worse this year for it. Take a summer off. Get your head together. Let Darcy mold the team to where it should be. Now he knows who he needs to make the team better. This year, they cut down on the payroll, and tried to be competitive, didn't quite work. Next year they need to win. Or people will stop coming. Hate to say it, but the Sabres need to win to sell out. We aren't the fanbase we think we are. There was a poll, from the players who were the best fans. The Sabres weren't in the top 10. The fans complain about spending money and getting nothing for it. Well its only a recent trend. Long term trends say, they won't stick around for very long. So what do the fans deserve? They only came back because they were winning. Sure thats good consumerism, why buy a bad product. Anyway. The Sabres need to win. But I don't know who will show up tonight.

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