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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Canisius is good with Bats.

So I guess I was ignoring spring sports, since I never really went to any of the games when I went to school, so I really don't care. But I thought I would check into how things are going with Canisius spring sports. Which have to be the worse, since you play in crap for the entire season. But a shocking thing came to my attention the Baseball team is really good. Like hey they might make the tournament good. When did baseball get good?

Record 22-4
MAAC 5-1
Road 13-2

They are miles ahead in the MAAC standings, and I'm pretty sure if you win the MAAC you get a shot at Omaha. Which is a great story that no one in town is following. Plus the team is full of decent players. Only one of the regular starting players is hitting below .300, and he's hitting .299. Their opponents ERA against them is 8.17. And their team ERA is 4.12. Which isn't very good but their top 3 starters who are 13-2, are pitching below 3.25. They have solid numbers across the board and I'm assuming with the nicer weather, they'll only get better.


The ladies aren't far behind. They don't have the flashy record, 17-10, but have gone 11-2 in their last 13. And with their MAAC schedule left, they will only improve that record. I love going through Softball stats, because the elite pitchers have insane stats. They really need to move back the mound, to make softball a little more offensive. Top level softball is all about pitching. The Griffs apparently only need 4 pitchers? And the team ERA is .220.

The hitting also seems kinda average, which could cost them later on when trying to make the tournament, which seems to be annual trip for the Canisius Softball team. They are always good and this year there is no exception. But good as in small northeast softball team good. Not UCLA good. The team batting average is only .275, but 4 girls are batting over .300.

Well bottom line, it looks like both teams with bats, could be making the tournament at the end of spring. Which is good for the program, and the region, showing our area can compete in spring sports.

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