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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sabres Bruins Preview

Well its the last preview of the season, and of course its the team I least like doing one for, the Boston Bruins. Really the game is meaningless, the Bruins secured a playoff spot, and will play a team that will handle them in the first round. No question the Bruins can't beat Montreal or Pittsburgh in the first round. Though are in 6th spot right now, but a Philly win and a Bruins loss, would mean that the Bruins would be in 7th and ottawa eighth?. I'm still a little confused. But a New Jersey Boston series would a series I'd avoid like the plague. I wouldn't even acknowledge it. Nope. Well the Sabres are sending the walkons out today. Numminen, Ryan, Thibault and maybe Peters. The Bruins will be without Savard who is hurt.

The Bruins.

The Playoff bound Bruins, ecch, will be looking to win, after beating Ottawa last night. Well who doesn't beat Ottawa these days. Of course it was a 2-1 barn burner. Ottawa had 18 shots on goal, for a team needing to make the playoffs. Of course the Hurrisuck, lost letting them back into the playoffs. Nice 3 teams from the Northeast into the Playoffs, 4 from the Atlantic and 1 from the Southeast. Nice division. And no southeast fans its not a competitive division. Well the Bruins don't score much scoring 212 goals on the season and giving up 219. HOW ARE THEY IN THE PLAYOFFS? AND COULD FINISH 5th? The Sabres have a +10 Goal Differential. Well the bruins are we thought they were. Not fun, ugly, and bad for hockey. But they pick up points and now will make the playoffs and lose in the first round. YAY!


I hope the Sabres win, but it won't matter I'll be at Roller Derby tonight and enjoying that. Pictures will follow on that. I would say Guys will be playing for jobs, but I don't think thats true. This will be the last we see of Thibault in Sabre blue and gold, hopefully Peters, Ryan and Kalinin is good as gone. I don't know if they need to make a splash in the offseason. Let Darcy make smart moves. He built the 05 team on the cheap. He knows talent, just let him work. Tinker. Maybe I'm an optimist. But I think this team will come out hungry. Angry. Determined. Now tonight go out and play like that team, to preview 08-09 for your fanbase. The season ticket sales depend on it.

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