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Monday, April 28, 2008

Grading Drafts

Its time to look at the 2004 Draft. There weren't many picks, which hurt this team because it lacked decent depth and leadership. But when looking at it as a total, it wasn't that great. Plus some parallels to this year. One needing that big time WR. I guess they didn't think to draft corners since they had a great pair in Winfield and Clements. Whoops. But they went after offense. Which at the time made sense. Older QB, lack of wr depth, and hope for a strong future.

First pick
Wr Lee Evans Wisconsin

I loved the pick at the time, bought a Evans Jersey at training camp and haven't looked back sense. Hes a great WR, and teemed with a great QB would put up excellent numbers, plus a leader. Home run

2nd Pick
QB JP Losman Tulane

They traded up to get JP, because it was a QB class, with Manning, Rivers and Roethlisberger going before JP. Two of them have rings already and Rivers almost made it to the super bowl. JP, is the Todd Blackledge of the Draft. Not even Ken OBrien. To say trading up was a mistake is an understatement. Well its still young, but a total bust.

3rd pick Tim Anderson DT Ohio St.

No point in taking a guy like this in the 3rd round. Bust.

4th pick Tim Euhus TE Oregon St.

Mmm a TE in the 4th round, sounds familar. Well didn't do much here and heres a good sum up of his career from his wikipedia page.

He was traded to the Saints on June 6, 2006.[1] Euhus was waived by the Saints (August 28, 2006) and claimed on waivers by the Pittsburgh Steelers (August 29, 2006). He was waived by the Steelers (October 10, 2006). They re-signed him to a one-year deal in the offseason (February 15, 2007). On May 4, 2007 they released him. On May 29, 2007 he signed with the Cardinals and was later cut on November 27, 2007.

Currently a graduate assistant coach at Oregon State as of spring, 2008.

Total waste.

5th Dylan McFarland. OT Montana

Might as well call him Mr Practice squad because thats where he always seemed to be. Well now hes out of the league. So good night Mr McFarland

6th pick Jonathan "fast freddie" Smith WR Georgia Tech

For a late 7th round pick, not a terrible one. He was good for special teams play and some receiving. But now is some limbo. Because I can't tell where he is. But no longer with the Bills that I know. He was picked up by the Patriots, but I think cut quickly after.

I think we'll grade this draft a C-. Thats only because of Lee Evans, otherwise it be in the d to and f territory. Another terrible draft by the Donohoe administration. Thank god they got one right. But the JP Losman decision, put them back another year or two. It really did. The 2005 draft would again be a disaster. 2004 was the year that they lost to the Pittsburgh backups when they had a chance to make the playoffs, at home, and blew it. Good night Drew Bledsoe. The '05 review will come later, maybe I'll need the '03 draft to cleanse the palate.

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