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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brian Dux Update

Well last night WIVB has a little Brian Dux update on how he is doing from his almost fatal crash in England several months ago.

Brian Dux, "Physically, I'm not up to par yet, but even mentally I understand everything and I think perfectly normal I just can't speak and communicate the same, ya know"

Dux has been home for almost two months and his parents have had to renovate their Orchard Park house to accomodate his needs. It all adds up and friends and family formed the Brian Dux Assist Fund with a a major fundraiser Saturday night.

Brian plans on attending the fundraiser and he plans on walking again, sooner, rather than later.

Brian Dux, "First things first, I would like to get back to walking again and live a normal life for sure. Secondly, I would like to continue playing at some point, but, that's in the future, ya know?"

Well I am very glad to see that Brian is doing better. Plus its great the community is coming out to help him. He has always been a nice guy, that wants to help and never use his status to demean. Hes been a star at College and he was a star in England, well Guildford. But he'll need all the support he can get for the type of injury he suffered. If Canisius was smart, they'd make him an honorary coach next year. For what he gave to Canisius the least they could do would be assist in his recovery.

Heres a video of the interview

If you want to help go here.

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