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Monday, April 14, 2008

Playoff Memories part 1

Since the Sabres are not participating in this years playoffs. Which in this decade happens more then not. They have only been 3 times this decade. So they aren't a perennially playoff team. And two years ago, no one thought they could make the playoffs, let alone almost make it to the Cup. So we're gonna go back to those playoffs. Since they were more magical to me at least.

I recently moved downtown that march. It was different, busy, more noise then I was used to, but I felt more into things, then I was out in Amherst. But to be honest, I was modestly back into the Sabres. Never felt the urge to head downtown for a game, well kinda. But after several years of ignoring them, I jumped back on the bandwagon, I'll admit that. But for game 1 of the Sabres Flyers series, I was out with friends. And missed most of the game. But while at a Law School party, (I never attended Law School) I saw that the game was in OT, I watched a few minutes but was like I'm gonna be nervous and not enjoy myself. But there was one guy watching intently. So when I see this kid, I'll know what happened. I'm in the basement and I see him, and I can't tell. Shit, is that sadness? Relief? FUCK! So I'm at this kinda lame party. Can't hate on free booze. But all I wonder is what happened? Finally I get home, race to the computer and see the Sabres won in double OT. Whew. The next game was over before it began. I made sure to catch the rest of the series.

Lets reminisce


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