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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still Alive

The Devils succeed despite Siamese twins/Drunk line Malkin just told Crosby he doesn't love him.

Thanks to a couple teams above the Sabres are still alive, though the Devils allowed the Bruins to get a point. The Pens, beat on the Flyers. Which I think we can all agree with. I have decided that Pittsburgh is my team, should the Sabres not make it. I'm gonna take the exciting offensive team. Though the Caps would be fun to root for. Hell any team other then Ottawa, NY Rangers or Philly is a team I can be happy to root for in the Playoffs, even Montreal. Who I hope decide to not show up tonight. Come on guys, you can take a night off. First place in the East is WAAAAAAY overrated. Let the Pens get it. They might run into a hot Caps team. You know you want a very terrible Ottawa team. They'll finish 7th right?

Speaking of which how have they fallen so far. I assumed in December that the Sens would win the conference and probably take the East again, but lucky for us Sabre fans, they imploded. The Sabres were pretty average to bad all year long. Hell, I think everybody thought the Sens would run away with the East, but just have been a disaster since the New Year. People figured out they only have 1 line, their goaltending is bad, and they don't care. Of course the have a furious comeback in the game I GO TO. But collapse everywhere else.

Well anyway the real story is, that the Sabres are still alive. All that garbage through the year. Is coming back to roost now. But they still have a chance. A small one, but a chance. Now go out and beat Montreal. If not, it doesn't matter what others do. Win one of us fans.

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coolman856 said...

It is more entertaining that the Ottawa Senators could fall out of the playoffs if they continue to lose. It would be hilarious if that happened. That would erase all the disappointment if the Sabres didn't make it.

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