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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy NFL Christmas!!!!

Oh boy the draft is here. The best part of April is the NFL Draft. Its two days of name calling (the good kind) and questioning the logic of NFL teams. Its brilliant. Everyone cares about their team and want so bad the teams they hate pick a bad one.


But enough of the Dolphins screwing themselves over the years by "not understanding what the draft is all about" Lets talk about who the Bills may take at 11, and other options.

Well the past few days it looks like Devin Thomas has rocketed up the boards and maybe is justifiable at 11. I think the Bills have tried to put up smoke screens in who they want. Talks of trades and CB. But the big physical fast WR they need will be there. It can be a reach, but they don't care about reaching. If they want him, they'll take him. But there are other options. Other WRs seem to be too much of a reach. If the Bills trade down, then Malcolm Kelly or Jordy Nelson and Hardy would be better in round 2.

Draft a CB at 11. Mckelvin and Rodgers-Cromartie seem to be the top 2, but could be gone by 11. But I've heard a lot of good things on Mike Jenkins from USF. So he could also go at 11 to the Bills. I prefer Rodgers Cromartie, but reading up on Mike Jenkins, I'd be fine with that pick. The Bills need another corner.

Draft a DE. Derrick Harvey seems to be the pick here, if they go that way. He is the new breed of DE. Tall, lean and very quick. Able to cover and rush the passer. Seems to be the type of guy the bills need. Also heard he is good at stopping the run. A need, and it would be filled by this pick.

Trade down. The Chiefs and Eagles seem to be wanting to move. The Bills have an relationship with the Eagles, who want a OL. So if the Bills get a Lito Sheppard for 11 and the Eagles 1st. It could be best case scenario for the Bills. Established corner then get a WR later in the 1st round. Then address TE in the 2nd round OL later.

Trade Up. Don't see this as an option. Unless they really want the CB.

We see the big 3 needs WR, CB and DE as first round possibilites. But there are 9 other picks. What do they need?

TE. Huge need here, they can get a top quality one in round 2 or round 3.

OL. Need depth and the mid rounds of the draft will be filled here with lineman for the Bills.

LB. Can't hurt to have more linebackers.

QB. Need a backup qb for the future. I like Dennis Dixon. Can take him late and let him mature on the bench.

DE. Could use depth, here a 6 round pick on a possible project wouldn't be a bad idea.

The Bills have picks to move up and down the draft as they seem fit. They see someone they want in late round 2. I wouldn't doubt they'd trade up to get him. This staff sees what it wants and goes and gets it.

Oh boy after today we'll know what they will do on Sunday.

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