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Friday, April 4, 2008

The End

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Well the playoff run was ended last night. With a 3-1 loss to Montreal. A battle of two teams going two different directions. Montreal ties for first place, while the Sabres are going home for the playoffs. After two straight ECF runs, they get to see the playoffs on a tv set, like all the fans. Its been that type of year, they never really were very good. They made some runs to get into playoff position, but then would slump, knocking them out and they never recovered. This is a young team, that lost a lot of leadership in the offseason. No one took the reins right away and it killed them early in the season. Going 6-10-1 was killer to start the season. Of course in the next 17 games they went 13-4. Which shows you what this team is all about. No real consistency. They'd get cold, they'd get hot, then they get cold. They needed a thermostat on the team to put them at the right temperature.

They were in the Playoffs at Christmas and looking like they had it together. Then the infamous 10 game winless streak. They fought and clawed to get back in the playoffs but were always at the border. Then that game against the 10 game winless streak Flyers, Campbells last game, was the death blow for me. They should have put the flyers away there. But this team just wasn't good enough. The talent is there, but the effort and desire isn't a bunch of times. Its gonna be a long offseason of what ifs and what should have beens. My only problem is they let this guy.....

The smirk strikes again

Do them in.

I'll be going over who did what and where it went wrong over the next few weeks. Its all we have now. Theres no previews or hopes of Cup dreams. Plus we'll have some great memories of the past few years in the playoffs. But whenever there is a down moment there is always something to pick you up, and thanks to Mark Bell. Who i bet will hear about how hes wearing a cage and hes a coward this week, does a Chris Neil to Alfie.

I can watch this all day.

Well always remember, there is next year.

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danielleia said...

Heh. I still can't get enough Smoked Umberger Soup but watching SabreKiller Alfie go down is always good.

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