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Monday, April 28, 2008

Grading Drafts part 2

Now we are looking at the 2005 draft, and giving it a grade. The last draft of the Donohoe era. Really Modrak was here for that, but seriously, the trade for JP Losman hurt this draft with no #1 pick in 2005. So the first pick was.....

Roscoe Parrish WR Miami.

I remember thinking what? Why? But Roscoe has been a great return man, and a underutilized threat in the offense. And looking at the recievers taken after, not that many good ones. So they picked the right guy. And he'll be a Bill for a while. Not really a major player, but the kind that will help you win.

3rd. Kevin Everett TE Miami

Going into last year, he was a bust, due to injury and being on a bad team. 2007 was supposed to be his year, and he said he had a great chemistry with Trent. Well we will never know. Which is sad. But hes back and walking so he has achieved a lot. Always a Bill KE.

4th Duke Preston C Illinois

Well was supposed to be a starter on the line, but instead has turned into a depth guy and a special teams player. Still on the team, but a better player away from being cut.

5th Eric King DB Wake Forest

Currently a Titan, which is shocking, since I thought he was out of football. But played in 15 games last year for the Titans, so I've no idea how to judge, then saying hes not on the Bills so not a good pick.

6th Justin Geisinger G Vanderbilt

Currently on the Redskins, so along with Eric King, drafted NFL talent, just for another team. But if this meant trading Geisinger for Dockery, then it was an excellent move. Good thing he is gone because...

Scares small children

7th Lionel Gates RB Louisville

Remembering he was a preseason favorite, but with Willis McGahee, he was expendable and now is currently apart of the Tampa Bay Bucs. With no career stats. Excellent. Looks like he will not be part of the NFL much longer.

Draft grade---D.

Really two sad drafts, with only 2 people on the roster still. One a 4th reciever the other a depth guy. These drafts have hurt the Bills and the current adminstration has had to come in and clean things up and bring in more talented people. If we look at the 2006 draft class maybe things will change, because looking back to 2003 might be depressing as well (looks online) holy shit 03 was a great draft. WTF! (Mcgahee, Crowell, Kelsey, McGee, Haggan, Aiken) And the 2006 draft looks good. I guess you have those years where things just fall apart. The 2004 and 2005 drafts put the franchise back a few years. Now they are finally recovering.

Grading Drafts

Its time to look at the 2004 Draft. There weren't many picks, which hurt this team because it lacked decent depth and leadership. But when looking at it as a total, it wasn't that great. Plus some parallels to this year. One needing that big time WR. I guess they didn't think to draft corners since they had a great pair in Winfield and Clements. Whoops. But they went after offense. Which at the time made sense. Older QB, lack of wr depth, and hope for a strong future.

First pick
Wr Lee Evans Wisconsin

I loved the pick at the time, bought a Evans Jersey at training camp and haven't looked back sense. Hes a great WR, and teemed with a great QB would put up excellent numbers, plus a leader. Home run

2nd Pick
QB JP Losman Tulane

They traded up to get JP, because it was a QB class, with Manning, Rivers and Roethlisberger going before JP. Two of them have rings already and Rivers almost made it to the super bowl. JP, is the Todd Blackledge of the Draft. Not even Ken OBrien. To say trading up was a mistake is an understatement. Well its still young, but a total bust.

3rd pick Tim Anderson DT Ohio St.

No point in taking a guy like this in the 3rd round. Bust.

4th pick Tim Euhus TE Oregon St.

Mmm a TE in the 4th round, sounds familar. Well didn't do much here and heres a good sum up of his career from his wikipedia page.

He was traded to the Saints on June 6, 2006.[1] Euhus was waived by the Saints (August 28, 2006) and claimed on waivers by the Pittsburgh Steelers (August 29, 2006). He was waived by the Steelers (October 10, 2006). They re-signed him to a one-year deal in the offseason (February 15, 2007). On May 4, 2007 they released him. On May 29, 2007 he signed with the Cardinals and was later cut on November 27, 2007.

Currently a graduate assistant coach at Oregon State as of spring, 2008.

Total waste.

5th Dylan McFarland. OT Montana

Might as well call him Mr Practice squad because thats where he always seemed to be. Well now hes out of the league. So good night Mr McFarland

6th pick Jonathan "fast freddie" Smith WR Georgia Tech

For a late 7th round pick, not a terrible one. He was good for special teams play and some receiving. But now is some limbo. Because I can't tell where he is. But no longer with the Bills that I know. He was picked up by the Patriots, but I think cut quickly after.

I think we'll grade this draft a C-. Thats only because of Lee Evans, otherwise it be in the d to and f territory. Another terrible draft by the Donohoe administration. Thank god they got one right. But the JP Losman decision, put them back another year or two. It really did. The 2005 draft would again be a disaster. 2004 was the year that they lost to the Pittsburgh backups when they had a chance to make the playoffs, at home, and blew it. Good night Drew Bledsoe. The '05 review will come later, maybe I'll need the '03 draft to cleanse the palate.

2008 Draft Review

(James McCoy)

Well I missed the entire Draft, well not pre coverage, but the actual footage of it. Usually that would have made me worry, but this year, I was spending quality time with the Girlfriend. She let me listen to it on the radio on the way to various things. (Thank you) I also realized it was time well spent, because I never felt like I missing anything. She doesn't make me miss cable. Shhh don't tell her, she might not get it. But I read the paper and reading up on the picks today. Which I realize I do every year, because TV doesn't really care about late round picks, unless they are well known. So its pointless to watch on Sunday these days. Its all about the first round anyway. That and the pointing out the fact Tom Brady was a 6 round pick, really? I haven't heard that A MILLION TIMES. But I thought I'd recap the picks and see how I feel.

1st Leodis McKelvin CB Troy St.

Well I didn't think he'd be here, so I'm thrilled. The Bills needed a 1st round corner. Like Clements or Winfield. McGee and Greer are good. But the Bills need great. Plus hes a great return man? Oh boy I see a #28 jersey in my future.

2nd. James Hardy WR Indiana.

He's big, he can catch and he won't cost much. Perfect. Trent throw it up and let Mr Hardy bring it down. We'll see, but could be a great pick.

3rd. Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech.

A speed rusher, filling a need, with the lack of speed from the Ends. Schobel, king of the coverage sack and Kelsey, who I have no idea what he does. Need a guy to put fear in tackles. Hopefully Chris Ellis can help.

4th. Reggie Corner CB Akron

A Corner, named Corner? Cute. Hopefully he can cover. Mr Youbouty just got cut.

4th. Derek Fine TE Kansas.

A sure handed, blocking TE. Don't they have this all ready? Wait Robert Royal can't catch. So no.
5th. Alvin Bowen OLB Iowa St.

A Keith Ellison Clone?Is that a compliment? Special teams or cut.

6th. Xavier Oman Rb NW Missouri St.

Huge production, small school. Well its can be a battle between him and Action Fred Jackson for that backup running back spot. Could be a fan favorite in the preseason. I see practice squad in his future.

7th. Demetrius Bell OT Northwestern State.

Karl Malones estranged son. Mmm too bad they aren't fielding a basketball team. Cut then put on the practice squad.

7th. Steve Johnson WR Kentucky.

He better know how to run down the field quick and tackle, because thats the only way hes making the team. The new Sam Aiken?

7th Kennard Cox CB Pittsburgh.

Mmm, a corner that doesn't have good technique, so he might have to move to safety. Yikes. Special teams or released.

Well the draft will be graded in several years, but I think they did what they wanted. So I'm happy with the first 3 picks. Those are the most important. The other guys just form the real team. I think I need to look at the Draft 3 and 4 years ago and do some grading. Its that type of day.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy NFL Christmas!!!!

Oh boy the draft is here. The best part of April is the NFL Draft. Its two days of name calling (the good kind) and questioning the logic of NFL teams. Its brilliant. Everyone cares about their team and want so bad the teams they hate pick a bad one.


But enough of the Dolphins screwing themselves over the years by "not understanding what the draft is all about" Lets talk about who the Bills may take at 11, and other options.

Well the past few days it looks like Devin Thomas has rocketed up the boards and maybe is justifiable at 11. I think the Bills have tried to put up smoke screens in who they want. Talks of trades and CB. But the big physical fast WR they need will be there. It can be a reach, but they don't care about reaching. If they want him, they'll take him. But there are other options. Other WRs seem to be too much of a reach. If the Bills trade down, then Malcolm Kelly or Jordy Nelson and Hardy would be better in round 2.

Draft a CB at 11. Mckelvin and Rodgers-Cromartie seem to be the top 2, but could be gone by 11. But I've heard a lot of good things on Mike Jenkins from USF. So he could also go at 11 to the Bills. I prefer Rodgers Cromartie, but reading up on Mike Jenkins, I'd be fine with that pick. The Bills need another corner.

Draft a DE. Derrick Harvey seems to be the pick here, if they go that way. He is the new breed of DE. Tall, lean and very quick. Able to cover and rush the passer. Seems to be the type of guy the bills need. Also heard he is good at stopping the run. A need, and it would be filled by this pick.

Trade down. The Chiefs and Eagles seem to be wanting to move. The Bills have an relationship with the Eagles, who want a OL. So if the Bills get a Lito Sheppard for 11 and the Eagles 1st. It could be best case scenario for the Bills. Established corner then get a WR later in the 1st round. Then address TE in the 2nd round OL later.

Trade Up. Don't see this as an option. Unless they really want the CB.

We see the big 3 needs WR, CB and DE as first round possibilites. But there are 9 other picks. What do they need?

TE. Huge need here, they can get a top quality one in round 2 or round 3.

OL. Need depth and the mid rounds of the draft will be filled here with lineman for the Bills.

LB. Can't hurt to have more linebackers.

QB. Need a backup qb for the future. I like Dennis Dixon. Can take him late and let him mature on the bench.

DE. Could use depth, here a 6 round pick on a possible project wouldn't be a bad idea.

The Bills have picks to move up and down the draft as they seem fit. They see someone they want in late round 2. I wouldn't doubt they'd trade up to get him. This staff sees what it wants and goes and gets it.

Oh boy after today we'll know what they will do on Sunday.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I love this story

The UB leading Scorer puts an ad on Facebook for someone to write a paper for him. Um let me get this out.


Woooo, that felt good. Oh man what a moron. Like no one was going to find out. Well, he does play basketball at UB and who goes to those games? I live here and I haven't heard of Andy Robinson. This type of stuff wouldn't fly at Canisius. I'd hope he'd get kicked out of school. If he was that dumb to post this ad. Doesn't he know any ladies or fans that would do it for him? I thought star players were popular? They knew ton of people. Shouldn't he just go hey Danny, read this and write a 3 to 4 page paper. Most college kids can pump these bad boys out. And really what does Andy Robinson have on his plate that could get in the way. A Job? Division 1 athletes don't work. Study? Obviously, thats not on the plate. Practice? I don't think they can practice officially. That means he is going to school for free, and can't even write a small paper. But we all know big time sports are corrupt. Hell they are corrupt at the small level too. Is there even that much pressure to win at UB? What if you fielded a team of actual students. You know future lawyers and doctors, teachers whatever. Instead of kids that their only skill is playing a game. Would big time sports suffer? I don't think they would. Imagine if the kid down the hall was on the football team. I knew people on sports teams. It made me go to sports I wouldn't have normally gone to. Well it doesn't matter never going to happen.

Andy Robinson has been suspended from basketball-related activities for his actions last week in soliciting help to complete part of his course work,” UB coach Reggie Witherspoon said in a statement released by the school. “He has since taken corrective steps and is extremely remorseful for his actions and the appearance of impropriety that this incident has cast on all UB student- athletes.

Of course he is. I don't think it shines badly on all student athletes, just Andy Robinson. Is the best player? Maybe? Is that trying to cheat? Yes? Should be kicked out of school? Probably. Will he? Of course not, hes the best basketball player in school. Anyway these rants have been written for years. Athletes get better treatment, its the way it is. We don't bring money into the school that they do. I shouldn't say athletes, Big time Athletes, female soccer players aren't getting that treatment. They are too busy writing papers and graduating so they can get a job.

Anyway, Andy Robinson you certainly #1, #1 in being really stupid.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

In defense of Danny Briere

Now thats playoff intensity

I know this will sound like I'm turning Bucky Gleason on you, don't worry I'm not. This won't be a shot at management, or some slam on Golisano, this is just playing Devils advocate. But really should we as Sabre fans root against Danny Briere? We can root against the Flyers sure, but can't we also be happy for Danny and his success? What in his time in Buffalo did he do to upset us? Other then going to arbitration and seeing what hes worth. (For shame) He was one of the catalysts to the Sabres resurgence for bankruptcy hell. And what did management do to reward him? Let him go. They knew they couldn't afford him, he really wasn't in their plans. Probably saw Gerbe, Roy, Pominville as potential replacements. But honestly the team missed a guy like Briere.

What did he do in his time in Buffalo?

225 games 95 goals 230 points.


34 games 11 goals 34 points

Thats over a point per game in the regular season and a point per game in the playoffs. His regular season numbers are even better if you take out the pre lockout years. There its almost 1.2 points per game. The guy is a legitimate all star. This year the numbers dragged, maybe due to contract pressures, new guys to play with. Playing in Philly. But really we all tried to put down Danny as a non playoff performer. But really, he showed up. He just got called out more for when he struggled. Hockey God, could disappear for games and let a big line roll right over him and still be deified. Chris Drury to me always seems like that guy, who does good work, is highly praised, but really looking for a better opportunity. Anybody who grows up a superstar always gives me a bad vibe. Danny scraped and worked to where he is. I like that. He was the perfect player for Buffalo. But we always want the other guy.

So what is he doing this year in the Playoffs?

6 goals 11 points and a +2.

Oh and he was also on the ice when Lupol scored. Because things happen when Briere is out there. Chris Drury has 3 points. Captain Clutch indeed. So Danny I apologize for enjoying in your earlier struggles, its a Buffalo thing, we don't like success. We want people who leave here to fail. Its a insecurity thing. But I am happy you are finding success in Philly.

I just hope Philly doesn't have any success.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Western Conference Semifinals

With last nights disappointment. I'd expected a better game, then watching Jeremy Roenick play like it was 1996. I guess hes upset people forget he's still in the league. He also scored more points in one game then Brian Campbell had in the entire series. (Yes I had to throw that shot in there) But this isn't about Brian Campbell, this is about the Western Conference. And lets roll through the matchups for the next round. First up.....



Oooo, blood, anger, hatred! Wait its 2008. Can the Colorado Avalanche sign Claude Lemieux for this one? This series was really full of bad blood several years ago. These were the top teams for the late 90's and early 00's. But now these days, the teams are pretty neutral I think. The fans hate each other, the players not so much. But there is still some leftovers from that era, Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Draper, McCarty, Lidstrom, Osgood. But this should be an interesting series. Because I don't know how good Colorado really is. They beat the Wild, but thats not impressive in my eyes. The Wings struggled with Nashville, but they struggled with division opponents all year, but were lights out against everyone else.

Knee Jerk Prediction Wings in 6.



Its the battle of traditional hockey markets! Just kidding. Texas and California. Mmm. The Sharks are coming off a 7 game battle against the Flames, while the Stars cruised past the Champs. I'm sure the Sharks won't play as soft as the Ducks, plus I doubt Nabokov will be as bad as Giguere was. The Stars are better then I would have expected. The trade for Brad Richards seems like a good one, and Stu Barnes is coming through in the clutch. But the Sharks look tough still. Ryan Clowe and Joel Pavelski are leading the team in points, with Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Though they will need Michalek to actually show up. This will actually be the better of the series in my eyes. And home ice will help.

Knee Jerk Prediction Sharks in 7

First round look back

Wings in 5. Ehh Nashville Played tougher then thought. Still a win

Sharks in 7. BANG! Right on the money

Wild in 6. Whoops. Not close.

Ducks in 6. Once again the opposite of what happened.

I can't blame ignorance on this one, for going 2-2.

Total for the first round 5-3.

Eastern Conference Semifinals

Ok we got the Eastern Conference all ready to go. After tonights philly win. Can someone tell Cristobal Huet he can turn his head the other way. Stupid Capitals. Thats what they get for Leonis comparing Washington to Calgary. When teams are crowing about tv ratings, that are a 1/3 of Sabre regular season game ratings, you aren't a hockey town or anywhere near it. Well ok lets get to that first Series.



Montreal vs Philadelphia a interesting matchup. You know the Buffalo Boys Marty and Danny are excited to play playoff hockey in Montreal. Well if their bus doesn't catch fire on the way to the game. Both teams are coming off 7 game series. Montreal with an unexpected one against a defense first team. Philly a tough 7 game series against the young and speedy caps. Well they just ran into the better version of that team, in the Canadiens. But Carey Price showed some shakiness in games 5 and 6. Is it out of him? I think so. The Caps aren't that good. And the Flyers won't have enough to beat Montreal.

Knee Jerk reaction: Montreal in 6



The NHL didn't get what they wanted in a Sidney vs Ovie matchup. But they do get Crosby heading to Broadway. Thats not bad either for marketing guys. The Pens were a hot knife cutting through the soft butter that the Ottawa Senators were. The Rangers won't be push overs. Tons of experience on that team, along with a lot of young talent like Lundqvist and Dubinsky. Plus you have Jagr going back to Pittsburgh. The pens are full of confindence, but haven't played in like a week, lucky for them, they get the equally rested Rangers. The season series looks pretty even, a bunch of OT's. But that doesn't matter and you go with now.

Knee Jerk prediction: Pens in 7.

1st Round Predictions and results

Montreal in 4. Yikes a bit off hear. But right team chalk one up for the good guys.

Pittsburgh in 5. Close, but the Pens swept those dirty Sens

Capitals in 7. Ehhh, so close. I'd say its a tie, but there ain't no ties in the Playoffs. Loss

Rangers in 6. Didn't think the Devils would go out that quick, but the Rangers were the easy call.

Me 3-1 for the east first round, not to bad.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A scene from the not to distant future.

This comes from the news that a new competition committee was formed yesterday.

We go to the first meeting somewhere nice where new rules and new ways to improve the game are being talked about by the players.

Ryan Miller: Ok fellas we start out with a brainstorming session on what you think could be changed.

Jason Spezza: I think goalies should wear the same equipment we forwards wear.

Ryan Miller: Thats the stupidest thing I have every heard

Jason Spezza: You're stupid.

(Ryan Miller glares at Spezza, who then cowers under the table.)

Brian Campbell: I think we should implement non touch icing, it will prolong defensemens careers.

Schneider: Yes I totally agree.

Halpern: Matheiu what are you 107? We don't don't need non touch icing, poor little d men, can't take a hit. Skate faster and you won't have to worry about it. Guys like me love touch icing.

Ryan Miller: I will write it down for more discussion.

(Miller writes, Crybaby Campbell wants no touch icing. Halpern sees this and starts laughing.)

Campbell: What are you laughing at?

Halpern: Nothing, Crybaby. (in mocking tone) I don't want to leave, waahhhh

Campbell: It was tough you don't understand, you don't play in hockey towns.

Halpern: You calling Washington, Dallas and Tampa not hockey towns?

(Campbell stares at Halpern and spins around in his chair for no good reason)

Schneider: Guys, guys, guys. We're here to help the league and not argue like little kids.

Ryan Miller: Old man Schneider is right. Lets get back to helping the league.

Schneider: Who you calling Old, Stringbean.

Ryan Miller: I can't put on weight since I play so much. You're old, because you were born during the Hoover administration.

(Schneider lunges at Miller and they start wrestling on the floor. Schneider grabs his chest like hes having a heart attack and Miller cries in pain, because he broke something.)

Campbell: Ahhhh MY CHAIR WON'T STOP SPINNING!!!!!!!

Halpern: This is ridiculious. Halpern doesn't have to deal with this. I'm leaving

(Ed Snider comes after seeing Halpern leave and is dismayed at what he sees.)

Ed Snider: Every goddamn year this happens. I thought by putting Ryan Miller in the room it would bum everyone else out. Brian Campbell cries when he sees a kitten. Jason Spezza, is Jason Spezza. Schneider is old and Halpern is, um who the hell is Jeff Halpern? Well I guess hockey players will be hockey players.

(Spezza crawls out from under the table but sees a spider and ducks right back under)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Whats up with the Bisons?

Coming into the year, I would have thought the Bisons would have started out with a quick start with the quality of starting pitching coming into the year. But such is not the case with the Herd. But after the first 18 games they are 6-12 and in next to last place in the division. Thank god for the horribleness of the Iron Pigs. Including the recent home stand where they went 2-6. I know it was cold, but come on guys both teams play in it. Lets look into a couple reasons

Starting Pitching, besides Aaron Laffey, who won't be on the team much longer, if Sabbathia needs to take a trip to the DL for "sucking" He has pitched well, 3-1 with a 3.13 ERA. He is by far the team ace. Jeremy Sowers is 0-2 on the year, but looks to be a victim of lack of offense. Because his ERA is 3.50 but he isn't being hit that hard and his WHIP is low. But after that Sean Smith isn't that good, and Ginter is getting battered. There starting pitching together is 4-7 and the relief isn't that much better being 2-5. Their pitching really isn't a strength right now. But with the warmer weather, hopefully the arms warm up with it, or this season will be over fast.

Hitting, is probably the main problem right now. With only 1 player hitting above .300, Andy Gonzalez, the rest of the team seem like long ball or strikeout guys. Andy Gonzalez who I didn't hear much about going into the season is having a career year. Hitting .333, slugging % of .667 and leads with 11 rbis. Wait the team leader only has 11 RBI's? Yikes. But Jordan Brown looks to be the real deal. A good full year in AAA will have him primed for Cleveland or major trade bait later in the year. But a majority of the regulars are really struggling at the plate. Tyner is hitting below .200. Ben Francisco is having a disastrous April hitting .209. The two Catchers are hitting below .215. Its bad everywhere and half the team already in double digits in strikeouts.

I usually blame the cold weather for cold starts, but I have to stop doing that. These guys know whats coming and they had pretty decent weather for most the beginning of the season. You don't have september to make up for the bad april. May rolls around and you got a couple months to actually make a move. So time to shape up or this team will be out of the playoffs in their last season with Cleveland, and who knows who is the parent next year.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playoff Update.

Well with the playoffs still going on, and a lot of series pretty tight. Lets do a quick week recap.

First the pens swept the Senators.

This was obvious, the Sens were coming in super weak. And the Pens were playing strong. No one was picking this series to go long. But it was important for the Pens to look strong. Get Fleury going and just get more rest before a much tougher series, probably against the Rangers. Who won't go down very easy.

Next the Rangers made quick work of the Devils.

After 3 games going scoreless our boy Drury finished with 3 points in 2 games. Maybe hes finally getting back in line. They don't pay him to have as many points as Giradi. But the Devils aren't what they use to be. Brodeur is nearing the end and the talent isn't there anymore on the blue line. They need a couple years to build younger talent, or they will be a playoff team, but a first round knockout every year.

The Flyers are leading the Caps 3-1.

This is kinda of a surprise to me. Since I didn't think Philly could control the young and fast Caps. But the Caps aren't playing with that Playoff push. It seems the Flyers did what they had to to get into the playoffs and then turned it up a notch. Briere, Carter and Prospal are all playing well. Especially our boy danny who is scoring almost 2 points a game in this series. He has 5 goals already. Maybe the contract is paying off?

The Canadiens are holding a lead over the Bruins.

I left the B's out for dead on Thursday night. In Montreal on the brink of elimination, they came back and won 5-1. That is a troubling sign for the Canadiens. You need the killer instinct in the playoffs. Sure they could accomplish that in Boston later tonight, but what happens when they play a better team. The Flyers are very good right now. Montreal is good, but I don't know if they have that finishing touch they need.

In the series the road team can't win, Wings lead 3-2 over Preds.

Detroit looked to be running away with it, then Nashville came home and tied it, now Detroit wins in OT at home last night. Does that mean Nashville has nothing left? Who knows. The Preds are filled with Vets who won't just lay down for the Swedish all stars from Detroit. But I see the Wings eventually getting out of round 1.

Sharks holding a slim lead.

The Sharks were another one of those "hot" teams coming in. But the Flames have cooled them a bit. But it seems like Marleau and the boys have regained their swagger in winning the last 2 games. But heading into Calgary tonight won't be a easy game. The Flames will lay everything they have. But I think San Jose is too deep to lose 2 in a row. Sharks in 7

There series I don't care about.

Thats unfair to both the Wild and Avalanche, but I really don't. Maybe if I watched the first couple games that went into OT, my mind might be different. But the 'Lanche hold a 3-2 lead with the series heading to Denver tonight. Colorado looks like the old Colorado with Sakic, Foote and Forsberg leading the way along with a bunch of kids and the Corpse of Theodore. I don't think the Wild is that good, so Lanche finish off the boys from the Twin Cities tonight.

Looks like the Champs are on the ropes.

The Ducks stayed alive last night in the Pond, but I think they are done on Sunday in Dallas. Marty Turco is on a mission this year and I predict he'll pull a shutout. And with the Ducks only having 12 goals in 5 games, and 5 of those came last night. Thats not a hard prediction. Gigure is not Jiggy like so far with a Sv% of .901 and a GAA of 3.20. Without solid goaltending the Ducks aren't very good. Stars advance. GO STU BARNES!!!

A week away

We are one week away from NFL Christmas and can you feel it in the air. Well, no that strange feeling is heat outside. It hasn't been in the 80's since October maybe. But that special feeling the comes every late april. Where all you care about is 40 times, character issues and health. I can only imagine the excitement of a player or the fear of a player during this time. You've worked all your life to get to this point and whether you run a 4.4 or 4.5 could make or lose you millions of dollars. Plus you're going somewhere where you probably have never lived. Don't have any family or friends there and have no idea if you will like it. Me or you go somewhere to work, we scout it out and make sure it fits. These players don't have that option. A reason why the Draft is unfair. If you let these kids all lose into the league, who knows what would happen. Would the richer teams always come out? Or would it all even out? How fun would that day be. The first day of rookie free agent signing. I know it would make nfl free agent period less exciting. Would you rather have a 22 year old kid with 10 years of possibility or a 5 year vet, who might be done in a couple years and never live up to the contract.

Thats an interesting concept, what if players didn't have to come in through the draft? Every league has it. And it seems to work. Also making free agency worth while since you finally get all the money you worked towards. In a way it makes sense with the real world. You work hard to make the big money and achieve status. Instead of making money on potential. Would things fall apart if rookies could go where they wanted? Would teams suffer? Would low level talents never make the big leagues? But whatever.

Come 1 week from now, the Dolphins will be on the clock. And I hope they pick someone terrible. Then I'll have to wait for a few hours before 11, and see who jersey I might want to buy. Its time to get excited.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This picture says it all

In deed I am lovin' it. Watching this team getting swept out of the playoffs. Nice start jerks. How about saving it for the end of the year. I hope this marks the end of the Sens. All that money tied up in a couple guys, quality defensemen leaving, you know Redden is gone. And their goaltending is terrible. Emery is gone and Gerber has never been consistent.

I'm sorry but I enjoy watching the Sens lose. And them getting swept is perfect. They won as many playoff games this year as the Sabres. ZERO.

The Draft

Ohhh the draft is coming. And I am getting excited. I love the NFL Draft. It is Christmas for Football fans. And with the Bills picking 11th, its nice and early and you don't have to wait till like 430 to see the first round pick. But the question is who do the Bills go for? WR has been the hot "need" pick by most people for the Bills, but now things are flattening out and people start thinking, well, WR's can be found in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. And if you are really interested in signing Lee Evans to a long term deal, you can't go draft a future #1. He might think its a slap in the face and contract talks fall apart. Because really the Bills need Evans and another reciever. Thats why with Malcolm Kelly falling off the map, you can wait till the 2nd to pick him up.

So what should they do at 11? CB (I love 1st round corners) and my pick is Dominique Rodgers Cromartie. I know hes a small school guy. But I think hes a future pro bowler. Of course what do I know. But I think lock down corners are lock down corners. Terrence Mcgee isn't a #1 corner in my eyes, so they need to draft one. People are like they need WRS!!!! Well they can go out and draft one or build from within inside. Though people are tired of Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish is a 4th receiver at best. And the other receivers are who? Felton Huggins, Scott Mayle and Justin Jenkins? (Mouth agape) They might draft 3 wr's this year. So I wouldn't worry about if they will draft a wide receiver, its how many they draft.

Color me excited that we are almost only a week away from the draft. Then of course Mini camps, training camp and september will roll around, and the Bills welcome the SeaHags in and proceed towards their super bowl run. (I'm a bit delusional right now)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soo Danny Boy

So, Danny Briere is having quite the playoffs so far for the Flyers. We know that Danny is a good playoff performer, though always criticized for not showing up, while Chris Drury could do nothing and be a playoff god. Both scored tons of critical goals the past two years. Now hes up to it again with the Flyers, earning all that money. If he helps the Flyers move through the playoffs, that contract will be ok in Philly fans minds.

3 games 4 goals 6 points and a +5 TOI 16:45

While our boy Chris "Hockey God" Drury is what so far?

3 games 0 goals 0 points 0 +/- TOI 19:41

Mmm, looks like someone is earning their keep so far when it matters the most. Hell Sean Avery has 3 goals for god sakes. Its the playoffs that cement your legacy in the NHL. Chris Drury has always had this playoff clutch performer tag with him, since his rookie days in Colorado. And for the most part its true. He had 31 points in 34 playoff games with Buffalo. But Danny Briere had 34 points in 34 playoff games for the Sabres. Almost a point a game. Now he has 2 points per game with the Flyers. Yes both are different players. One is a offensive first player, the other is a two way player. (Who did a great job locking down the #1 line of Ottawa last year) So maybe a comparison of the two right now is unfair. But here we don't care about unfair and we will use stats to push an argument.

For me I'm happy that Danny is playing well so far in the Playoffs. I hold no ill will for Mr Briere. Sure it was him that elected to go to arbitration and received 5 million, that pretty much in my eyes cost the team from getting the cup last year. They really could have used JP Dumont. But he was also the player, the Sabres threw away, and thought they didn't need him. So good for you Danny.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 Schedule

Well the Schedule is out.

The Toronto game is 12/7 against Miami. Yikes, thats not the best choice.

But here we go in order

9/7 Seattle 1pm

9/14 @Jacksonville 1pm

9/21 Oakland 1:00 pm

9/28 @ St Louis 4.05

10/05 @ Arizona 4:15

bye week

10/19 San Diego 1pm

10/26 @Miami 1pm

11/02 NY Jets 1 pm

11/09 @ New England 1 pm

11/17 Cleveland 8:30 MONDAY NIGHT!

11/23 @ Kansas City 1:00 pm

11/30 San Francisco 1:00pm

12/7 Miami 1:00 pm IN Toronto

12/14 @ NY Jets 1:00pm

12/21 @ Denver 1:00 Pm

12/28 New England 1:00pm

Well thats not exactly what I expected. Ending at home against the Patriots, yikes. Hopefully they need to rest Brady that day. But the Bills can get out to a fast start with that schedule. The Bills get one Monday night home game, not Thanksgiving, which is disappointing. But I think they are hoping for snow. But a late November game against the Niners? Thats gonna have trouble selling out. But no divisional game until late October? Thats kinda weird. The Bills could feast on the NFC West and AFC West, before hitting the East. The end of the schedule is going to be quite cold for the Bills, so they better enjoy the warm weather in the beginning of the season. Because its not gonna be nice, except for the Dome Toronto game, but its an interesting schedule.

Guess what the Patriots don't get a bye before the Bills this year. They play the Colts the week before. Nice.

Well more on this later


Honestly someone thought this was a good idea, the players seemed embarrassed to have to stand there while this guy comes out. It just makes me glad I'm not a Sens fan. Besides having to root for a bunch of scumbags. It just makes me happy the Pens are taking it to the Sens and that series is over. They scraped into the playoffs after a disastrous free fall after the new year. Bryan Murray has got to be fired. This team isn't good enough and they won't be good next year. They have one line and its getting older. Their defense is decent, but their goaltending downright sucks.

Really everyone enjoys the Sens going down in flames. Their run as a power is just about over. Its time to clean house in Ottawa I feel. It looks like Montreal is going to take Ottawas place as the every year contender for the Northeast Crown. The Sabres are in a semi transition mode, but have the talent to compete. Ottawa is one line, but Alfie is getting to the point of retiring and have pending free agents.

Redden, Commodore and Richardson are all UFA's, along with grinders and Meszaros is a RFA. And have 27.5 million tied up in Heatley, Spezza, Aflie and Fisher. Mike Fisher is making 6 million next year? YIKES! They have talent tied up. But Alfredsson is 34 and signed through 11/12.

Cory Stillman is a UFA and only is making 1.75 Million? Mmm Darcy, cup winning veteran with scoring ability. (Alarms ringing)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Playoff Memories part 1

Since the Sabres are not participating in this years playoffs. Which in this decade happens more then not. They have only been 3 times this decade. So they aren't a perennially playoff team. And two years ago, no one thought they could make the playoffs, let alone almost make it to the Cup. So we're gonna go back to those playoffs. Since they were more magical to me at least.

I recently moved downtown that march. It was different, busy, more noise then I was used to, but I felt more into things, then I was out in Amherst. But to be honest, I was modestly back into the Sabres. Never felt the urge to head downtown for a game, well kinda. But after several years of ignoring them, I jumped back on the bandwagon, I'll admit that. But for game 1 of the Sabres Flyers series, I was out with friends. And missed most of the game. But while at a Law School party, (I never attended Law School) I saw that the game was in OT, I watched a few minutes but was like I'm gonna be nervous and not enjoy myself. But there was one guy watching intently. So when I see this kid, I'll know what happened. I'm in the basement and I see him, and I can't tell. Shit, is that sadness? Relief? FUCK! So I'm at this kinda lame party. Can't hate on free booze. But all I wonder is what happened? Finally I get home, race to the computer and see the Sabres won in double OT. Whew. The next game was over before it began. I made sure to catch the rest of the series.

Lets reminisce


Friday, April 11, 2008

The LQ the day after

The LQ was judging Bucky's clothes.

The LQ walks into his office with a Tim Horton coffee and the Buffalo News.

LQ: Oh boy I wonder what Sucky is gonna say about yesterday, probably slam me, since he's jealous how awesome The LQ is and my hair is so much better then his. Mmm, Montreal won, oh wait? No cheap pot shots? Oh wait, theres the Campbell shot and referring to Drury and Briere, thats expected. 5 for 25 will be on Bucky Gleasons tombstone. Mmm the LQ is impressed by the well written column from Sucky.

Shirley: Mr. Quinn Darcy Regier is outside and wanting to talk with you.

LQ. Send my genius in.

Darcy: Mr Quinn we are needing to talk about the college prospects we need to sign before we lose them, they could be quite valuable to the organization quite soon.

LQ: College prospects? They have Hockey at Colleges now?

Darcy: Yes, they have for a while. The Frozen Four is going on right now and one of our prospects is in the final and scored a hat trick last night.

LQ: Wow! I bet the LQ could score a hat trick against North Dakota. Who plays for them, Eskimos?

Darcy: I bet you couldn't and Drew Stafford went to North Dakota.

LQ: Yeah my point exactly he was pretty useless this year. I hope we don't drill in that hole anymore.

Darcy: North Dakota is one of the finest programs in the country.

LQ: Really? Your going to tell me next Niagara is good at Hockey.

Darcy: They made the tournament and were ranked in the top 20.

(The LQ spits his coffee all over Donna Fernandes' picture in the City and Region.)


Darcy: Yes all the time, its the new source of talent. Ryan Miller was a 5th round pick out of Michigan State.

LQ: He plays like one.

Darcy: Ryan is our future in net and we need to come up with a long term deal to keep him here. Along with many other guys this summer.

LQ: Woah, Woah, Woah, Mr Proactive. Didn't you read Sucky's column today? Thats exactly what HE wants us to do. If we, errr, I mean The LQ, starts doing what Bucky Gleason wants, then he looks smart and you look like you are kowtowing to the media.

Darcy: Wait, wouldn't that make you kowtow too?

LQ: The LQ doesn't kowtow to anyone, not even Mr Golisano. I do whatever I want here in the house The LQ built.

Darcy: What? Nevermind, I'm gonna go get work on contracts, talent evaluation and making sure we're good next year.

LQ: Yeah whatever, I'll be here you know doing real work.

(Darcy walks out, shaking his head for the 100th time)

LQ: Mmm time to read email, OOOOO whats this Chris Drury wants to come back to Buffalo? Just click on this link. All right.

(A screen pops up and plays this.)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meet the new Assistant GM

This is taken from the Press release from the Sabres Front Office.

Today the Sabres would like to announce the hiring of a new Assistant GM, Anton Chigurh. He will be helping Darcy with some negotiations of contracts and scouting key free agents but mostly will be traveling. Hes not a big fan of "office work"

Mr Chigurh, has not been involved with hockey at any level, but from several sources, is very good at what he does. Darcy has been overwhelmed with contracts the past few years and came to us for someone to "help" him out, so he can concentrate on the total team without having to get into every detail. Darcy will still lead the way for acquisition of new talent and the retention of current talent, but Anton will help him out in the "tougher" negotiations.

We are very optimistic that Mr Chigurh, will make the Sabre organization one that everyone will fear.... playing against, due to the top level talent acquired.

Mr Chigurh will not be available for interviews and any questions for him can be directed towards Mike Gilbert.

Getting Caught From Behind, tried to sneak an interview, but our guy, hasn't got back to us. He said he saw him, but we haven't heard back yet. He must be working on the piece still.

Canisius is good with Bats.

So I guess I was ignoring spring sports, since I never really went to any of the games when I went to school, so I really don't care. But I thought I would check into how things are going with Canisius spring sports. Which have to be the worse, since you play in crap for the entire season. But a shocking thing came to my attention the Baseball team is really good. Like hey they might make the tournament good. When did baseball get good?

Record 22-4
MAAC 5-1
Road 13-2

They are miles ahead in the MAAC standings, and I'm pretty sure if you win the MAAC you get a shot at Omaha. Which is a great story that no one in town is following. Plus the team is full of decent players. Only one of the regular starting players is hitting below .300, and he's hitting .299. Their opponents ERA against them is 8.17. And their team ERA is 4.12. Which isn't very good but their top 3 starters who are 13-2, are pitching below 3.25. They have solid numbers across the board and I'm assuming with the nicer weather, they'll only get better.


The ladies aren't far behind. They don't have the flashy record, 17-10, but have gone 11-2 in their last 13. And with their MAAC schedule left, they will only improve that record. I love going through Softball stats, because the elite pitchers have insane stats. They really need to move back the mound, to make softball a little more offensive. Top level softball is all about pitching. The Griffs apparently only need 4 pitchers? And the team ERA is .220.

The hitting also seems kinda average, which could cost them later on when trying to make the tournament, which seems to be annual trip for the Canisius Softball team. They are always good and this year there is no exception. But good as in small northeast softball team good. Not UCLA good. The team batting average is only .275, but 4 girls are batting over .300.

Well bottom line, it looks like both teams with bats, could be making the tournament at the end of spring. Which is good for the program, and the region, showing our area can compete in spring sports.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Western Conference 1st Round Preview

Oh boy the western conference, teams we rarely see here in the east, due to the crazy schedule. There are good players you never hear of, and teams you have no idea how good they are. You look at the standings and go hey they must be good. Well the Sharks got hammered by the Sabres this year at home, so are they that good, or are there holes? Well this is a lot more fun then looking at the Eastern conference since theres lots of hate built up there. Here, really more unknown and hey I could root for them.

First up


1) Detroit vs 8) Nashville

Central division rivals, though many say Detroit beats up on its "weak" division, really they kinda struggle, so it will be interesting if familiarity helps Nashville here. They are a surprise this year, due to all the financial problems they have, but the snuck in and get the mighty red wings. The Predators are 3-5 vs the Wings this year, but Detroit is getting healthy at the right time. And the overall edge, Wings beat the Sabres, the Predators did not. So...

Wings in 5 games.


2) San Jose vs 7) Calgary

Now this will be an interesting series. The Flames took the series 3-1, with 2 ot games. But the sharks have been on fire lately. Since the Brian Campbell trade they seem almost unbeatable. But with two losses at the end of the season, who knows. The Sharks couldn't pick a worse first round opponent. A solid goaltender, a stud forward and a mean, tough offensive defenseman. But, the sharks are a bit deeper and better defensively then the Flames, and that will prove to be the advantage.

Sharks in 7.


3) Minnesota vs 6) Colorado

Yikes, I have no clue on both these teams. These teams might as well play in Europe. I don't know if I watched them at all this year. Gaborik had 42 goals for the Wild, thats pretty damn good. Experienced Vets, like Brian Rolston, Mark Parrish and Pavol Demita with Sean Hill and Keith Carney on the Blue line. While the Avs have no 30 goal scorers, Sakic and Forsberg, but not from the 90's and Jose Theodore in the nets? They seem to have a bunch of Vets and young and up and coming kids. But are they that good? I don't know.

Wild in 6.


4) Ducks vs 5) Stars

Wow wait Doug Weight plays for the Ducks, along with Todd Bertuzzi AND Pronger? This team is full of vets and assholes. Which means they are a pretty good team. Put definitely lack scoring. They have a notable roster, but the stats are pretty bad. Its like the Sabre teams of the late 90's. But making a ton more money. Really not getting the value for the amount dishing out, unless you count wins. The Stars have a bit more scoring, but the playoff enigma Marty Turco. Looking at the stats in the west, besides Detroit, you go how did they win? Well I like the Ducks.

Ducks in 6.

Well there you go my preview on the West, and yes I chalked it, Wings, Sharks, Wild and Ducks. I don't care its my opinion and if I'm right you can all.... call me smart.

Another trip to Roller Derby

Well after missing the last bout a win by the Saucies, who haven't lost a bout yet, it was a rematch from the first bout of the year. The Nickel City Knockouts vs The Devil Dollies. So it was time to make a trip to North Tonawanda and the Rainbow Rink. We walk in and its jammed packed again. Last year, it waned in attendance as the year went on. This year, the attendance sure isn't waning.


Nope not one bit. This is turning into a very successful league who might be outgrowing its confines. I would hate for it to move to say a real hockey rink, say Buffalo Sports arena, since it may lose some of the fun closeness. Though viewing it at a hockey rink might be better viewing. I'm sure they'll be looking into new facilities next year. Plus putting it in the city, may draw even more people.

Well unlike the first bout, this wasn't going to come down to the last minute. The Knockouts took an early lead and built on it, and just kept up a solid game plan. The additions of Dewey Decimator and Ruby Revenge as jammers has made worlds of difference. With two quality jammers they are right up there with the quality of the Saucies. Who beat the Knockouts in the last bout by 21 points.

Yeah this lead would holdup

With a performance by a bagpipe band after the 1st and then a rock band after the 2nd period, theres entertainment for the entire event. Plus Baby Joe Mesi was in attendance, hey if you announce your running for state senate what do you do next? Attend a roller derby event. Well after 3 hard fought periods the Knockouts prevailed 95 -72. A big win, to have them keep pace with the devil dollies. So the standings going into the 5th bout

Saucies 2-0
Knockouts 2-1
Dollies 0-3

Next bout is May 3rd between the Dollies and Saucies. Look for a Saucy Blowout.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Eastern Conference First Round Preview

1) Montreal vs 8) Boston

Well Montreal goes from just missing the playoffs to placing first in the conference. Montreal is a very steady team, with balanced scoring and a steady defense, though have given up 222 goals on the season. That might play a role later in the playoffs, but with the offensively challenged Bruins, will not matter. The only real question is how Carey Price is going to hold up to playoff pressure in Montreal. But he has been in pressure packed situations his entire career, so this is what he wants. This is a mercy killing

Habs in 4.


2) Pittsburgh vs 7) Ottawa

The Senators lucked out it wasn't a 90 game schedule, because they might have missed the playoffs. The Senators were world beaters to start the season. But soon their shaky goaltending and one line, proved their undoing. They run into a young, up coming Penguins team. Key number 247. Thats how many goals Pittsburgh scored, and how many goals Ottawa gave up on the year. I don't see this lasting long, it will be an opposite of last years first round result

Pittsburgh in 5.


3) Washington vs 6) Philadelphia

Mmm, interesting matchup. One would say hey the Caps have been on fire. And they'll continue their hot streak. But they are going against a team, that does have playoff experience. Though the goaltending matchup is even in my book. I think the Caps are the hot pick, and aren't that high on the Flyers. The flyers have been battling injuries of late and Danny Briere might actually feel its time to show up. I was thinking of picking the Flyers as my upset, but I did a little digging and they are 2-2 vs the Capitals this year. And have gotten much better vs the Atlantic as the year went on. So its close, but fun.

Capitals in 7.


4) Devils vs 5) Rangers

Well its the series that I'll avoid. Two low scoring teams, who like to collapse, facing off in a media capital? Yeah no thanks. Plus all the Chris "clutch" Drury stuff along with it. Ugh. Well the Devils aren't what they use to be in the playoffs. Since Scott Stevens retired. The Rangers are a wily bunch who have good young talent, mixed with experienced forwards. The playoffs are why the Rangers went after Drury and Gomez. So I'll go along with big blue.

Rangers in 6.

So there you have it the first round predictions, we'll have Montreal, Pittsburgh, Washington and the Rangers moving along. Lets see how I do.

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