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Thursday, January 17, 2008

10 game winless Streak

So the Sabres haven't won since the Flyers back to back games. Wasn't that the end of a 6 game winning streak. How can you go from winning and scoring goals to basically, just can't score and couldn't win if you're life depended on it? How does that happen. Was their new years resolution to lose more? Things are so bad on the Sabres website they go the NHL statistician to qualify it a "winless" streak. And with how bad things are, a good January and a great February, probably puts them in a playoff spot. Which brings up the question do you want them to make the playoffs? Just to get beat by New Jersey or Ottawa right away. But here at GCFB would like to offer suggestions how to break the cycle.

1) Anyone who scores a hat trick gets free Tim Hortons for the rest of the year.
2) Anyone who scores in the shootout, gets dinner at the Chophouse
3) Anyone who scores a Game winning goal gets to be captain right away, sorry Spacek.
4) Andrew Peters gets cut.
5) Anyone who complains about that is suspended immediately

And if the streak reaches 15 Lindy Ruff is fired no questions asked

People scream for trades or Darcy to do something. Do what and trade who? Campbell why? They trade Campbell the season is over right then and there. They have to make a move to show they are serious about winning this year. Make a big splash shake things up. Trade someone for someone. Obviously things aren't good at HSBC Arena.

I know what will get these guys going, take them to Lasertron. That will improve morale and get them in good spirits. And no cheaping out, Pizza and coke afterwards and 10 free tokens. I'm sure they'd rattle off 5 wins after that.

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