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Sunday, January 20, 2008

One of those years

Ever have one of those years, were things have been going good, and you have great expectations, really not based on anything tangible, but you expect things to go well? Then things just go wrong and they keep going wrong. Yeah its one of those years for the Sabres. The year really should be going better. They have the same team as last year, minus a few key players. But really from best in the league to near the bottom? It shouldn't be like that. They have talent, they have skill, but it just isn't coming together. Friday night was an explosion, and should have moved into Saturday night, but it didn't happen and they expect it to be there, without putting effort in. And thats the problem this year.

Effort and execution.

Last year one of the other would be there and they would win games. They won a lot of games last year when they shouldn't have, and it caught up to them in the playoffs. Its here again this year, but they don't have the talent to get over the missing two parts. Sometimes the effort is there and the execution is missing. And when effort is missing, they can't overcome it and win it in the end anymore. They win 10 to 1 and they think, whew over with, and come out flat. But its like 3 goals we can overcome that. But they can't anymore. Until the players realize, that they have to work every night, every period, every shift, to just beat teams like Toronto. They won't get better or even come close to make the playoffs. Coaches can do all they like, but its up to the individual players.

The Sabres need to sit down, look in a mirror, and see what is wrong with them. The past is gone, the conference championship appearances are long gone. How are they going to succeed with the team they have right now.? Something needs to change for success to come back. I'm not sure its a player or coach change, its a attitude adjustment.

If I were Lindy, I would tell the players Monday would be a brand new season. And no ones spot is safe.

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