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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So a 7 game losing streak?

Well the losing streak as reached 7 now. Well in the old days it would be called a 7 game winless streak, since there would be 3 ties. But still the problem is easy to point to. Lack of timely scoring. Or any scoring. Sure Jason Pominville tied it up late but still lost in the shootout. Weren't they great in the shootout last year? Whatever, I missed the majority of the game since I was on a 2 month anniversary dinner date.

I would offer suggestions or trade ideas or whatever but guess what? I don't know anything so it would be pointless for me to try offer any helpful advice. I barely watch the games these days. The winter classic was the last game I watched full through. I'm usually driving or with the Girlfriend. So guys keep your heads up. Your a good 2 weeks from being in a playoff spot.

But the best part of losing streaks, lower demand for tickets, meaning cheaper prices for ebay or replay. Meaning I might go to another game sometime. I love going to Sabre games win or lose. And I've been to two this year and both losses. Who cares I want more hockey!

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