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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sabres Stats at the ASG Break

I thought before the Game in Tampa tonight I'd take a look back to last year and see the damage. Really look at the numbers from the All Star break last year to this year. I'm not sure what I'll see but I don't think it will be pleasant.

06-07 33-12-4 70 points

07-08 21-21-6 48 Points

Thats already off to a bad start with a 22 point difference.

Goals Scored
06-07 171 goals

07-08 142 goals

More bad evidence Almost 30 goals less, thats a big difference.

Goals against
06-07 141 Goals

07-08 139 Goals

Well they actually give up less goals this year and still are bad? Mmm. So obviously losing offensive firepower was a bad thing.

06-07 1st in conference

07-08 13 in conference

This is the most telling, almost a first to worst in one calender year. Thats proof, that the loss of offensive weapons have been the main cause for the worse record. They don't give up more goals in fact its the same. But they score a whole lot less. Who knows if keeping one of the two would have helped that much, but I know it wouldn't have hurt. Darcy you need a offensive weapon in here now. This team struggles to score and will continue to. And Ryan Miller isn't that lock down goalie we think he is.

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