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Friday, January 4, 2008

Sabres Sen Preview

Hey look its the Senators again, oh joy! Everytime the Sabres seemed to be either at a good point or a bad point, the Senators are there. Here we are after the Winter Classic and a regular game against the Sens, just seems to be a let down. But it is also crucial for the Sabres to win tonight. Losers of their last 4 a win tonight would help them get back up in the standings, though its early and really a hot February and March would cement a playoff spot. But they can't play lazy now. But with new line combos who knows whats gonna go on.

Whats been going on since they last met?

Well Ottawa has gone 1-2 since beating the Sabres on Boxing day, and losing to Washington Twice? What? Who loses to Washington twice in a row. Especially allowing 14 goals in two games. I guess the Sens were a little too fat from Christmas. So I'm guessing the Sens are gonna come out guns a blazing to get that bad taste out of their mouths. While the Sabres have posted wanted posters for their missing offense. Scoring 2 goals in their last 3 games.

What to watch for tonight.

Well Martin Gerber has played like Swiss Cheese lately, meaning everyones favorite fighting goaltender might start, but probably not. Ryan Miller will start, since T Bone, sucks hardcore and I wouldn't start him against the Amerks, let alone the Sens. The shot blocking master Anton Volchenkov will return tonight from a finger issue. So thats not good for the Sabres. The Sens looking to tighten up on defense and the Sabres lacking scoring punch. Drew Stafford is back in the lineup after getting knocked out of the last game against Ottawa, but Max is out with a groin issue.


Not sure how this one is gonna go, but could be a interesting game with two teams looking to get back on track. I would expect it to be physical and tight. But not picking a winner tonight. Ill be at the bar for this one. See you there.

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