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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sabres Devils Preview

Well here we are again with the Devils and in a couple days they'll play again, seriously who made this schedule? Who wants the devils 3 times in like 2 weeks? Thats punishment. Thank god its 60 degrees outside, or I would feel like I did something wrong. But the Sabres are looking to end their losing streak at 6. Are a bit banged up, with Macarthur and Kaleta in the lineup tonight. Well thats not the worse thing in the world, young hungry players are what the Sabres need. We tend to forget that many of the current Sabres are really young too. But been around awhile. But who knows how things will play out tonight.

Whats going on with the Devils?

Well since playing last on the 28th the Devils are 2-2 and 2nd in the conference and only 1 point ahead of the Penguins for the lead of the Atlantic. The Pens are surging ahead since the Winter Classic. The Devils are doing it the Devils way, not giving up chances and scoring on the ones they get. Same old boring hockey. But its effective. Many fans will take boring and winning, over exciting and losing. Or in the in the Sabres case, boring and losing.

Who does what?

Well Zach Parise is still the leading scorer with 38 points, followed by Brian Gionta with 28 points and Elias and Madden both have 23 points on the year. As you can tell the Devils don't light up the jumbotron. Only 3 players have double digit goals. And only 5 guys are about 20 points. Compared to the Sabres with 8 players with 20 or more points. The man here is Marty Brodeur who is still great and bringing it for the Devils. The man is one of the best ever and is the key to the Devils success even at age 35. Though he seems older since he has been around forever. Oh hes been playing regulary since the 93-94 season. Good god. And two years later started 77 games! Workhorse they name is Brodeur.


Ehh, doesn't look good for the boys in blue and gold. January could get reallllly ugly if they don't start picking it up and playing like they can. Darcy might have to make a move just to save the season. But we'll see.

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