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Friday, January 4, 2008

The saddest part of the new Bill Parcells era

Thats right with Bill Parcells cleaning house, it meant Mike Mularkey was out of a job again. This time fired from being Tight Ends coach of the Dolphins. Well he was demoted from OC, last year taking a big step back from being a head coach several years prior. But with Mularkey in South Florida, the Bills have enjoyed a renewed dominance over the Fish. His genius led the dolphins to terrible records two years in a row, and now hes looking for work and I don't know who would hire him. Can you name the Tight Ends in Miami? No? Didn't think so. And his offense game plan wasn't great last year either. Give the ball to Ronnie Brown, done, go home. Plus he was run out of town in Buffalo.

Well Mike, thanks for everything you did in helping the Dolphins become a laughingstock, it wouldn't have happened without you. You made up for that Steelers disaster from 2004 where you couldn't game plan against backups, sure one of those backups turned out to be Willie Parker. But still the Bills should have wont that game and made the Playoffs. But instead choke city.

Good luck Mike, maybe there is a high school job out there for you.

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