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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey good Hockey News

David Hahn with the cool photo

Well the Canisius Hockey team is playing much better of late. Going 3-2-1 in the new year, mainly led by their hot goaltender Andrew Loewen. Who was just named Atlantic Hockey goalie of the week. Since January First, he has a .99 GAA and a .969 sv%. And the Griffs give up a ton of shots, so he is playing out of his mind this month. He's only a sophomore and his numbers are getting better and better each month.

Maybe I should concentrate on this hockey team then the other one in town. Since these kids seem to give a damn and actually have a goaltender who changes the game. Hey I'm ready to say this right now.

Cut Thibault and sign Andrew Loewen, probably cheaper then T Bone, and probably better. What a sieve Thibault is.

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David Hahn said...

Thank you for the photo credit...

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