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Monday, January 28, 2008

Wait what? They're sending him where?

Paul practicing running from sniper fire

I usually try to check out once a day to see whats going on, maybe some important news, mostly pre draft and free agency nonsense. But then theres that one story that you go what? Why? And this is that story. They are sending Posluszny to IRAQ!!!!! (for the super bowl) WHY? He was just injured now they are sending to a war zone? Who green lighted that trip? Oh but hes just staying for the game, and leaving right. No? Hes there for a WEEK AND A HALF! Oh boy. He knows hes a Buffalo Bill right and bad things happen to Buffalo Bills. Look he already broke his forearm.

But this part made me smile.

The Bills linebacker, who suffered a broken arm that ended his rookie season in week three against the AFC Champion New England Patriots, isn't so sure he'll be able to convince many of the troops to root against Buffalo's division rival.
Oh man imagining the military rooting against the Patriots, how sweet would that be. Even the military hates you New England. Well I just like to wish Paul all the luck. And he's doing a good thing.

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