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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lets talk about the Playoffs

Well here we are at the conference championships. Which are usually better games then the Super Bowl. But its the last football for 2 weeks until the Super Bowl, then Football is over. Which is rather sad, because I love football. I like hockey, but I can get tired of it quick. But, these games are hyped up and you get 3 hours of action. I thought I write about the games a bit. Since they are important in the sports landscape.

First up Pats Vs Chargers

Well the Patriots continue their quest for destiny and the perfect season. Yesterday getting a haircut there was discussion about hoping the Patriots lose. I don't feel that way, I think seeing a team complete the perfect season, no matter who, even the hated Patriots, is something to root for. Over the years I have come to appreciate Tom Brady for how great and consistent he is. There is something lacking in the NFL these days and its consistent excellent play. I wish he played for the NY Giants or something, but that Sunday game in Buffalo, might have been one of his best performances. It was perfect. So I would expect that today. The chargers I absolutely can't stand. They are filled with jerks and overhyped players. They are walking into trap and they are going to get absolutely blown out by a team who had its toughest challenge last week in Jacksonville. We can say good night and Lights out for the Chargers today.

Next Packers Giants

Well I know its gonna be cold, its cold here. But I really haven't seen why the Packers are so good this year. Is because the competition isn't that good? Is Brett Favre magically better this year for some reason? Is Ryan Grant a real answer at running back? I have no clue. They just manage to win games. Their defense is rather good, so that helps. But the Giants defense is rather good too. Thats why in a cold nasty weather game, I don't expect that many points. I see one of those 13-10 slugfests, that comes to a last second kick. I feel the packers will prevail, because I don't trust Eli Manning. They won in Buffalo despite him, and its all about defense and running the football. But should be one of those classic bad weather games that will replay on the NFL network for 2 weeks on loop.

Well enjoy the games we ain't got much football left.

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