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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Well tonight should be an interesting game. Two teams battling for the bottom of the Northeast Division. Both teams are struggling of late, the Sabres just off a 10 game winless streak and the Leafs are 3-7 in the last 10. But with 2 wins in a row after 5 straight losses. Its a hockey night in Canada game and I always feel the sabres struggle in those contests. But its the leafs and the Sabres have been playing the leafs well the past few years. Though are 1-1 against the boys from Toronto this year.

So whats with the Leafs?

The leafs are struggling again this year, which seems to be commonplace of late. Sitting only 3 points out of the basement of the Eastern Conference, and only ahead of 2 other teams point wise in the entire league. The leafs struggle to keep the puck out of their own net giving up 155 goals on the year. They are also terrible on the power play and the penalty kill sitting 26th in the league in both. The Sabres are 13th in the league on the power playwhich seems better then it should be. Looks John Ferguson is in trouble again in Toronto. And the Leafs want to bring in Cliff Fletcher to take the hardest job in hockey. But with the Payroll the Leafs can have, not making the playoffs really isn't an option. They are the Yankees of the NHL, except without all the championships. But the fan bases? Very similar.

Who does what on the Leafs

It starts and ends with the Captain Mats Sundin. He leads the team in goals, points and plus/minus. He really is playing out on a island. A true great stuck in a good hockey city, playing on terrible teams. He needs to be shipped out just out of respect. Mats has 20 goals and 51 points on the year. And a +10 which shows he isn't struggling on the back end. Other offensive weapons on the leafs are Nik Antropov with 37 points not a total bust, Kaberle with 30 from the defensive side and Jason Blake who I thought would be a good free agent only has 8 goals. McCabe, Wellwood and Tucker are all having disappointing seasons. In net probably Vesa Toskala who is having an alright year with a 2.71 GAA and a .906 GAA. Andrew Raycroft is a disaster and I hope hes in net tonight.


Well the Sabres broke out of a losing and scoring drought last night. Who knows if they feel, whew thats over with, and come out and lay an egg. But I doubt that will happen. Its a game in Toronto with lots of people watching. Last thing they want is friends and family watch them suck. I'm not calling for a win, because it seems I have no idea what will ever happen, but I can see them rolling again tonight. Confidence when gone is dangerous, but when confidence comes back its just as dangerous, to other teams.

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