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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A bad stretch

Before Christmas the Sabres were flying high and full of confidence. They won 6 in a row and firmly in the playoff picture. Now before the All Star break, they are in grave danger of missing the playoffs and are close to being dead last in the league. How can one team go from solid play before one break, to a complete disaster the next break. How the team plays after the All Star break will determine its future. If they play great they will work up the standings and maybe make the playoffs, from there who knows what happens. Or they continue to tank and become a major seller to improve for next year. Lets look back at this horrendous stretch and then never talk about it again, because its painful and nothing to really remember.

Record since 12/25/2007 - 2-7-5

Out of possible 28 points, they grab 9 points. 9 points in 14 games ain't gonna take you anywhere.

Goals Scored in that stretch 32 Thats 2.28 Goals a game, not impressive. Take out the Atlanta game and it plummets to 1.69 GPG. Pathetic.

Goals allowed in the stretch(not including shootout goals) 38 Mmm Thats not that bad. Less then 3 per game and really lost a lot but never really got blown out much. Defense was still in tact.

After Christmas, they lost their scoring touch and tanked it bad for a 14 game stretch. But they are only 6 points out of a playoff spot, from playing their worst hockey ever. They pick up like they did before Christmas and the Sabres could make a run for the playoffs. This team still has experienced guys and none of them want to go home in April. The win in Dallas might do something or it might be meaningless. They come back with a pair in Florida then a game in Atlanta. All winnable games. They need to win those games.

I'm considering Tuesday the start of a new season for the Sabres, because its Playoffs or bust.

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