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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spacek Captain for the New Year

photo by Bill Wippert

Yes this man, Jaroslav Spacek, was named captain for the month. I pushed for Jochen, and Jaro a "A" but Jaro has been the best defensemen all year for the Sabres. So it is well deserved and when he donned the eye black for the Winter Classic, I knew they made the right choice. Hes been the only real physical force on the blue line all year, and if he timed things right on that Sidney Crosby bounce the puck play, he would have sent him ass over tea kettle. Making the top brass in New York and Toronto, all stop breathing for a second. Hes the guy they signed last year, and now is really looking like a bargin at what they got him at. Great on the power play, physical, some health issues, but consistent.

What made him Captain?

When he laid out Danny Briere.

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