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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sabres Stars preview

Oh boy here we go again, another game and this one the last before the All Star Break. Oh joy, it should be called the Sabre fan break, because most of us need one right now. Just no talk of Sabre hockey, no mention of players, just a celebration of hockey. Ooo look at all the superstars. What no Sidney Crosby? Ehh, we got Ovechkin right? But we got to play this one out first. A road game in Dallas, don't see many of these so enjoy this one, at much as you can.

Whats going on with Dallas?

Dallas is leading the Pacific division with 61 points on the year, 1 point ahead of Anaheim, and stand second in the West behind the Mighty Red Wings. Also they are 3rd overall in the entire league, compared to 27th in the league, where Buffalo stands. Really 27th? Though to be fair the Stars have played 5 more games. But per usual the Stars are having a real good year and scoring a fair amount of goals 153 on the year while only giving up 136. But are only 5-4-1 in their last 10 games, so they aren't cruising into the All Star break, but with playing 52 games, they are probably a bit tired.

Who does what for the Stars

When you think Dallas Stars, you think, no not NO Goal, you think Mike Modano. Since he's been a star since, I think the beginning of the Universe. But he is not their leading scorer, in fact hes having a disappointing year for Modano standards. The team leader is Mike Ribeiro with 54 points. He also leads in goals with 22 on the year, this is by far his best year ever. Second on the team is Brendan Morrow with 47 points. Third is the injured Sergei Zubov with 35 points. Mike Modano only has 34 points on the year and is a -11. Then comes a bunch of Finns, which seems interesting since the Red Wings have a ton of swedes. Could be an interesting matchup come playoff time. Old pal Stu Barnes has 16 points on the year so, right about average for Stu. The Stars are also known for their Goalies. Marty Turco and Mike Smith. Both with very pedestrian numbers on the year, nothing eye catching. Turco has a 2.41 GAA and a .906 Sv% on the year.


Well to say things look bad for the Sabres, would be an understatement. They show laziness and lack of passion on a nightly basis. Skip the Atlanta game, can't put the puck in the net. And since Christmas, downright awful. So maybe going into another break, they can pull one out to give themselves a boost for the after All Star game push. Things only get harder here on out. But I have little faith in the blue and gold right now. So a 5-1 Stars win.

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