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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The LQ reacts to Brian Campbell waiting for Free Agency


(The LQ enters his office and starts sifting through the Buffalo News. And stops dead on the front of the sports page.)

LQ: WHAT! Brian Campbell is cutting off negotiations? Who in the hell does he think he is? No one stops talking to the LQ until the LQ wants to stop talking to him. DORIS GET ME CAMPBELL!!!

Doris: I think hes at practice sir

LQ: Practice for what? Sucking? They haven't won since before Christmas. That looks bad for the LQ.

Doris: Well I'm sure after practice he'll have time.

LQ: Probably not, he probably has some dumb commercial to film. Look at him, what a yahoo. Hey why isn't the LQ all over the TV, I'm a handsome guy. Who wouldn't want to buy the product the LQ endorses.

Doris: I like Brian, he's always nice to me

LQ: Shutup Doris no one cares what you think, this "team player" is trying to extort money from us! Doesn't he know we have a budget around here and no one player is above that system. We WANT TO BE THE PATRIOTS OF THE NHL. You know create a uniform no one really likes, win often, then let our stars walk when they are paid too much money. We have a system.

Doris: Um the Patriots win Superbowls

LQ: DORIS! How many times have I told you not interrupt the LQ when he's on a roll!

Doris: Sorry sir

LQ: You'll be if we have to pay this red headed clown. We'll probably have to lay off staff. Or outsource stuff to India. Mr Golisano didn't become a Billionaire by overpaying people.

Doris: We'll I think it would be a good sign for the rest of the players and free agents that you would pay top dollar for guys.

LQ: Doris you.just.don' Thats not what we are about. The Sabres are about extracting as much possible while paying the least we can. Why do you think you work 50 hours for no pay?

Doris: Well Um, why do I work here again?

LQ: People just can't leave the LQ.

Doris: Brian Campbell does

LQ: DORIS!!!!!!!

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