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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Talkin 'bout the Bills

Well its been a few weeks since the season has ended and its not like the Bills have been sitting on their thumbs. Named a new management staff, ok changed titles, but its alright since it keeps the same focus and there isn't a shift in philosophy, now is not the time for that. Named a new Offensive Coordinator in Turk Schonert, who from an interview with Chris Brown, sounds like was the players choice, since they all hated Steve Fairchild. He's been around awhile so that sounds like a good hire, but that will show next year. Please open it up Turk. And fan favorite AVP is the new QB coach. All Trent needs to do is listen and AVP will turn him into Tom Brady. I may be way to optimistic, but I have faith in AVP

Other news

Anthony Hargrove a pending FA, will be suspended for 2008. Which sucks, he was a quality depth guy.

They signed a veteran fullback, who will help in getting the Tight Ends out of the backfield and where they need to be out in the passing game. A first good sign from Turk Schonert.

And in bad news Jason Peters is getting surgery on a sports hernia. And from the look of the article a whole bunch of players are going under the knife after the season. But Peters will miss the Pro Bowl making the game even less attractive for me. No Bills no watch. Sorry all star game that doesn't matter.

Well now is the time for me to start paying attention to free agency news and college kids I've never heard of, to see who might be playing for my team next year. Ill try to update things as they happen.

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