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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Three Headed Monster

These three men will lead the Bills to almost make the playoffs.

Well as many may know by now the Bills have called up three guys in the organization to basically do the GM job. With Russ Brandon is the head of day to day operations. And Tom Modrak and John Guy go from Directors of College Scouting and Pro Personnel to Vice presidents of college scouting and Pro Personnel. Man all those business cards down the drain, for a minor title change. I hope they don't have to pay for their own, I might just use some white out and type over it. No one would notice.

I guess its smart to promote from within. Tom Modrak has done quite the job, John Guy must have called a hundred people last year to be on this team and Russ Brandon, um Look at that Smile! Who couldn't promote that man, hes HANDSOME! But seriously the most important hire is left to come. Thats Offensive Coordinator, I always felt that people jumped to Turk Schoenert to quick. He's been around a while and no one hired him as a OC yet? That tells me something, that he might not want it or have it in him. Thats why an outside force maybe good. Because why would anyone want the same offense as last year. That is a pitiful terrible offense and should be thrown in the lake.

Well heres to another off season where people bitch and moan about the signings or lack there of and then go they drafted WHO? They don't need a Quarterback! (oops I guess they did last year) Well this should be an interesting offseason.

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