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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking at the All Star Game

Hey look its NHL All star weekend on VERSUS! Versus? Really the all star game is stuck on versus now? Man there is nothing sports wise this weekend and even NBC doesn't want the NHL All star game. Oh its at 6pm on a Sunday? Thats even better. Why not stick it at 3am on a Tuesday night? NHL what are you doing, there is nothing this weekend besides college basketball and you don't even want to put it at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon on NBC. That would just seem natural. But anyway.

Well the only Sabre is the Non negotiator Brian Campbell. Who is in his 2nd straight all star game. And looking at the East Roster. The only North American Defensemen. Kimmo Timonen? Mmmm, I don't know about that. Well the East roster looks alright and could put up some points. So lets take a look at the West. Mmm all right roster. I don't know just not a lot of guys stand out to me. Its like mmm Manny Legace? Duncan Keith? Man I don't watch the West much. But its filled with a lot of young guys so thats good for the league. Though all the marquee guys are in the East these days and the west guys are talented but not marketed, well besides Thornton and Igninla.

Theres talk of the Youngstars game since Patrick Kane is amoung the participants, but a lot of the guys I go, these guys probably won't be stars. Wheres Jonathan Toews? Well none of that matters since I won't watch much of it. Ill be busy probably, but Ill be recording it, to fast forward to see if anything exciting happens.

Too bad I use to really enjoy the All Star game, I thought it was fun, now don't really care much.

Thats on you NHL.

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