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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sabres Coyotes Preview

Oooo a Mid afternoon game on a holiday, one where I'll be home and have nothing to do. I always enjoy these ones, since they don't seem to interfere with the day, hey maybe a trip to Staples maybe in order for a part of the game. Plus its an opponent we rarely see the Phoenix Coyotes. Its like they are playing an entirely different league. So we'll see how the Sabres react to the loss to Toronto and playing in a very warm city. Being away from the local press, they really can tank it and not hear about it. So warm up those golf clubs boys, they might be in use earlier then you're use to.

So what is up with the Coyotes?

Well the Coyotes are much better then people thought they be at the start of the season, I heard worst team in the league, well I guess getting solid goaltending proved them wrong. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games and 11th in the tough Western Conference. They have 50 points on the year, 4 more then Buffalo and 4 more wins then the Sabres do. They aren't a big scoring team only having 125 goals on the season. But don't give up that many goals either. Looks like the Great one, has turned them into a tight checking team to keep them in games. Phoenix seems to play better road games, which tells me they try to entertain the home fans and it costs them wins. So that could be in the Sabres favor today.

Who does what on the Coyotes

Well the Coyotes are all about Shane Doan, who would look good in blue and gold Darcy, he leads the team with 44 points. Then Radim Vrbata? leads the team in goals with 18. Then Ed Jovanovski is third in points with 32 and a horrible -10 rating for their top defenseman. Nice to see Jovo cop still in the league. The rest of the lineup is filled with journeyman and nobodies. The reason for the Coyotes success was the pickup of Ilya Bryzgalov from the Ducks. He has made this team competitive night in night out. He has solid numbers with a 2.39 GAA and .919 sv%. So he'll be tough to get the puck behind, especially for the recently punchless Sabres.


Well a day game in Phoenix, against a team they don't care about, and away from home. I smell danger for the Sabres here. Unless they some how show up motivated to win this one, and get their season back on track, I see a continuation of the lost season. The arena will probably be half empty and quiet and the Sabres will roll out thinking they can beat the Coyotes on talent alone. Well they can't. I see a 4-1 Coyotes win today, which is unfortunate because I'll probably be watching.

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