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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Schobel named to the Pro bowl?

Aaron Schobel was named to the Pro Bowl? What? Who are these people. Hes replacing Jason Taylor? Talk about a drop off. How was he a 1st alternate to begin with? He was largely invisible this year. No name tackles dominated him.

Schobel's sack numbers were down in 2007 from that of his first Pro Bowl season a year ago, but he set a single-season career-high in tackles with 96 and made plays when they were needed most.
When? I don't remember him making plays. Oh so he made tackles this year, thats nice. Were they down the field after a running back gashed them. Every week I heard the commentators what a great of bookend DE's the Bills have. Really? They aren't even in the same league with the Giants DE's. Osi Uyemyiora almost had as many sacks in ONE GAME as Schobel did all year. The pro bowl is a joke. And once you get in, might as well pack your bags every year for Hawaii.

Of course Chris Brown defends it. Chris, stop it. Aaron Schobel does not deserve to go to Hawaii. Case closed.

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