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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A letter to Darcy Regier

Darcy in happier times

I would call this more an essay to Darcy Regier, but whatever. Darcy, you must be going through a lot right now. You're team is biting it hard, and its really the team you built. Last year you were called a genius, now people are questioning your motives. Are you hampered by budget concerns? Did you make a mistake by not locking up people earlier? ed. note Long term contracts are stupid. Why are you waiting to make a move? There is trouble on this team, at least get rid of the backup goaltender, you can find 30 guys like him tomorrow. I don't mind if you start selling. I'm in this for the long term. So I rather you sell some parts, pickup some talent and move forward like you did before the lockout. Now is the time to buy low Darcy. No one fears the Sabres right now. Make some moves. Distract from the on ice performance.

Look at some of these trades

3/10/2003 Chris Gratton and a 4th round pick in 2004 entry draft to Phoenix Coyotes for Daniel Briere and a 3rd round pick in 2004(Andrej Sekera) GREAT TRADE!

7/3/2003 Sabres send Keith Ballard to Colorado for Steve Reinprecht. Sabres then trade Rhett Warrener and Steve Reinprecht to Calgary for Chris Drury and Steve Begin GREAT TRADE

6/22/2002 31st and 36th(Jarret Stoll) picks overall in the 2002 draft to Edmonton for Jochen Hecht. Ill take that deal.

2/25/2003 Vaclav Varada and a 5th round pick(Tim Cook) in 2003 entry draft to Ottawa Senators for Jakub Klepis , wait it sets up......3/9/2004 Jakub Klepis to Washington for Mike Grier AWESOME!!!!

8/25/2005 3rd round pick(John Armstrong) in the 2006 entry draft to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Toni Lydman. Great deal.

You have a history Mr. Regier, and now is the time to pick up that phone, and make some deals, don't wait for the trade deadline, teams are looking to make moves now. Improve yourself for next year, lets face even if you make the playoffs you ain't going nowhere, fans will understand if you give them hope this year was a fluke.

Deal Brian Campbell, (high value) Hey if Kevin Lowe wants Thomas Vanek deal him to him. How many times are we gonna have to hear about his mental issues and dealing with pressure. How come this wasn't an issue at Minnesota where he was a scoring machine? Cut salary, yet at the same time acquire young cheap talent for the future, mixed with veterans at bargain prices.

You've done it before Darcy, you can do it again.

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