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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lack of previews

Yeah keep these two up please.

Hi there, usually I do a game preview before most hockey games. But lately I haven't due to, 1) I'm too busy or 2) they play the same teams over and over and I'm tired of seeing the same information and its worthless to recap it. But come Wednesday they play the rangers and it will be fun to preview them, since I haven't done it yet this season and it will nice to see different players. Enough with the Devils and Senators, I'm tired of them, move on already. Plus they are mired in a 8 game winless streak, I won't call it losing, since a shootout isn't technically a loss, so there the sabres are 0-4-4 during the past 8 games.

Another trend over the last 8 games, 12 goals. Thats right this once powerful offensive juggernaut is struggling to put the puck in the net, not from the lack of effort, but its a team wide epidemic. I'm guessing since I've listened to more Sabre Hockey of late then seen it. I'm at points where I'm like who is 4 again? IS that Mike Wilson out there? Ohhh Nolan Pratt. But I like what I hear from Patrick Kaleta. Some guy that justs runs around like a Hanson brother and bangs. More of Kaleta he's cheaper then Peters and a Buffalo kid its a no brainer Sabre Management. Keep Up Kaleta and Macarthur.

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