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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To be or not to be (a seller that is)

The Sabres are sitting at 11th place, a couple points out of 8th with games in hand. Plenty of time to make the playoffs. But with the recent success, is making the playoffs really where this team wants to be, or to be a force in the playoffs. Right now, I don't think they can be a real force in the playoffs. Which brings up the question, do you sell or do you buy to make the team stronger for the rest of the year. And can you sell, and buy at the same time? The Sabres hold one of the more valuable trade deadline properties in Brian Campbell. A 2 time all star, young, talented, good in both ends of the rink. The perfect defenseman for the new NHL. So do you keep and take a run or trade to make the team in whole better for the now and the future?

This team lacks that go to guy, the Danny Briere. Say what you will about Captain Clutch, Danny Briere was always there as well, and never got the same credit. They need that playmaker again. Derek Roy is a good playmaker, Tim Connolly is a playmaker when healthy, but that elite playmaker. With Brian Campbell you could possibly get you another key playmaker. Or pick up several players that will make the team stronger. I know JP Dumont is out there, but I think Nashville wants cheaper prospects. But I would love JP Dumont back and he isn't that expensive.

Players that I could see getting traded

Brian Campbell - probably walking, great trade value, high demand high return

Dmitri Kalinin - A UFA at the end of the year, so much potential yet little return. Very inconsistent, if you can get a decent stay at home defensemen, I'd take the deal, or a prospect and a backup goaltender.

Ales Kotalik - I like Ales, but I think you could get something for him. Others may value higher and might do well in a change of situation. But hasn't lived up to the production from 05-06. Very hot and very cold.

Max Afinogenov - a fan favorite or a fan goat. But it might be time for a new change of scenery for Max, but with his injury I doubt he's tradeable until after the season.

Other then those, and prospects. I don't know who the Sabres could dangle or want to dangle. But Darcy is always surprising in what he does. Who talked about Zubrus last year? I have a feeling the Sabres are going to be very active this year, they have room to move people, and I think Top management would like to see more positive buzz about the team. And who doesn't love trades?

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coolman856 said...

If Timmy was healthy he would be another one out there to dangle. But he is just too fragile for that to happen. I really do think it is time to sell which isnt a bad thing when you can bring in higher level talent. If there was any truth to Dorkbag's rumor of Jokinen, that would be more like buying.

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