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Saturday, January 19, 2008

They did what?

I wrapped myself in the hockey and forgot about the Griffs game last night, accepting the fate that Charron Fisher would torch them for 50 points and run the Griffs right out of Koessler. So I watched a blowout in joy, and saw the local news about the outcome of the Griffs game. And went wahhhhhh? They won? How, did they tie Fisher to Churchill Tower?

I guess it was a night for the good guys to snap streaks, first the Sabres then the Griffs breaking a 9 game losing streak to the Purple Eagles. One that dates back to my Senior year at Canisius. Thats a long time ago. Well it looks like everyone showed up at once and Charron Fisher, just like the weather, went frigid. Frank Turner, Bob Bevilacqua, Willie Hassell and Vazquez Simmons all scored in double digits. Mr. Bevilacqua came out of nowhere and was carried off the court like a hero. This guy barely got garbage time in the West Virginia game. I guess Coach Parrotta was like what the fuck we're throwing everyone out there and see what happens, can't hurt right? And it paid off.

This brings the Griffs to a horrible 3-14, but this is the season highlight right here. They beat Niagara at home. Thats all it takes. You beat Niagara, you're season is made. Its one of the reasons Mike Mcdonald got fired. He couldn't beat Niagara.

They won on Brian Dux night, fitting.

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