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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Winter Classic

Now that picture sums it up, I think.

I enjoyed the game on a snowy reception TV at the girlfriends house, which ironically is the way it should be enjoyed. I recorded on the DVR in HD. So I can check that out later. But I think the game looked neat, the game itself wasn't pretty, but many January games aren't. That Buffalo New Jersey game wasn't pretty and they didn't have to skate through snow and sleet. The Sabres picked up a point and are 0-2-2 in their last 4. But who cares this was great for everyone. Should they do this more often, ehhhh, maybe. But you could do this game once a year in Buffalo and it would sell out every time. Imagine if the Sabres got used this condition and created a home field advantage. It would be a interesting way to spice things up.

People complain about all the Sidney Crosby love, but who cares, thats what leagues do and play up their stars. He is very marketable and he is also very talented. Ryan Miller is turning into a very marketable player. Especially with that Amp Energy Drink ad, which was great and kinda came out of nowhere.

You're mama ween. Thats a good one.

Anyway, my eyes a success for the NHL. The Sabres, ehh, gotta put the puck in the net.

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