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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lookin' at Prospects

Well the article in the Buffalo News today of WNY'ers in college got me thinking about prospects. Well it got me looking about Justin Vaive, when I saw the stats on him. I got all like oooooooo, then saw hes Duck property. Of course he's Duck property, who else would draft big tough forwards, then Brian Burke. Like he's had any success as a GM. Oh wait. But its like mmm so who is in the pipeline. If the Sabres do trade away some guys who is coming up?

I go to Hockey's Future, and the first thing I see for the Sabres is about Jhonas Enroth. Who they are now calling the next Lundqvist. (mouth agape) The Sabres have the next big thing from Sweden in the system? And hes only a couple years away? Wait isn't Ryan Miller up for a redo of his contract soon? Actually a UFA in 09-10. So he's under contract for next year. Mmm, I'm guessing next year when they put him in the AHL, it will impact Mr Miller's contract status highly. He has the same grade as Carey Price from Montreal, who is supposed to be the next thing.

The Top 5 Prospects right now for the Sabres are

1) Clarke Macarthur (C) -- should be a every game player and will be to the end of the season in my mind

2) Andrej Sekera (D)- Another year in Rochester won't hurt and will cushion the blow of the loss of Kalinin and Campbell.Hell at the deadline, trade em both.

3) Jhonas Enroth (G)- The "next lundqvist" (jumping up with joy)

4) TJ Brennan(D) - A couple years at least till we know. But the next Campbell

5) Marc Andre Gragnani (D) A -26 this year in Rochester. A defenseman who doesn't like to play defense. Um, get rid of him pronto, while he still has a high grade. Mike Weber seems like a better prospect to me, and could possibly be a 7th guy next year for Buffalo.


Marek Zagrapan (C) Not producing much and not doing what he should. A borderline NHL'er at this point. Unfortunate.

Mark Mancari (RW) I like this kid, not much scoring at the NHL level, but big body and could be good 3rd liner.

Tim Kennedy (LW) Lighting it up in college and I'm excited about him in a couple years. Could be a big fan favorite with the local ties.

Dylan Hunter (LW) Not a big scorer but coming from Dale Hunter genes, he can only help you. Him and Kaleta next year could be a good young pair for the Sabres.

Well the looks of things, Defense is full of young depth. So with the loss of a couple long time Sabre defensemen, the blow would be cushioned. Since this season is going down the tubes quickly. If I were Darcy, I would start pile up on young forwards for proven defense. Trade what you have plenty of, for what you don't have. And its obvious the Sabres need help on the offensive end.

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Bakes said...

The guy we need to start looking at is 5'6 sparkplug Nathan Gerbe at BC. He recently had a streak ended where he ran up 24 points in 8 games. Pretty slick. Definitely a Hobey favorite per the statsheet, but his sometimes "chippy" play may hold him back in the eyes of some voters.

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