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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bills fill the secondary.

Bryan Scott Will James

The Bills made a few quiet signings over the day, one in resigning Bryan Scott, and second signing William James, formerly Will Peterson. Both signings add veterern leadership in the secondary. And gives the Bills that 2nd corner, they were looking for. Jabari Greer was pretty good last year, but having him the 3rd corner on the team is something I would love to have. And looking at Will James history, Jabari will get some playing time.

Since Bryan Scott played with the Bills last year, played in 15 game with 24 tackles. Really he was signed for depth purposes and insurance for Ko Simpson to see how he recovered from an injury. Will James however had a healthier season then the past two where he played 5 games. Last year he got in 14 games and had 1 int. This pales from his 2004 season, where he played in all 16 games and had 68 tackles with 2 picks. I'm sure this is for the 2nd corner position, but Jabari Greer could beat him out, otherwise it gives depth to a position where it needs it.

It looks like the defense is way more important for the Bills this year then the offense, with all the receivers that rolled through here, none were signed, except for one tight end. Either they are being cheap or none really fit their mold. I'd rather have a team want the right guy then just sign some guy to sign some guy.

It is becoming more obvious by the day they are going for a WR in the first round of the Draft, unless they make a move for Chad Johnson. But I highly doubt that, so start scouting the top WR's in the draft because they'll be a Bill come late April.

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