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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Rochester update

Well back a few months ago, I was blogging about the Sabres and the Amerks moving away from each other and the Sabres moving the farm to Portland. Well its been some time, and the battle continues between the Sabres and Steve Donner, but there might be a 180 here by the Sabres organization. Well Kevin Oklobzija, says things might turn around.

When the City of Rochester this afternoon took the first step toward seizing PAETEC Park, they may also have opened the door for the Sabres to buy the Amerks.

By taking the soccer stadium from the insolvent Rhinos ownership group, the city very likely will force NBT Bank to sue Rhinos owners Steve Donner, Frank DuRoss and Chris Economides. Each personally guaranteed a bank loan that has ballooned into a $10.8 million liability.

The bank has already filed suit for that money. If they chase the trio to bankruptcy, Donner could be forced to sell his 40-percent stake in the Amerks and Knighthawks lacrosse teams.

The bank surely doesn’t want to own part of an minor-league hockey team along with an NLL franchise. But the Chenango County lender does want its money.

Thus, the forced sale of Donner’s share. His other 40-percent ownership parnter, Walter Turek, already wants out. He’s just waiting for the buyout of minority partner Randall Latona (20 percent) to be completed.

And who saves the day? The Sabres, of course. They can swoop in and buy the franchise — and for far less than they would have offered in the fall.

Thus the Sabres operation tactic of demolition by neglect would work perfectly. The Amerks are god awful this year. 40 points out of first in their division. The cupboard is almost empty and the Sabres don't bring in the players to make them a real good team. The team gets bad, the fans go away, the money goes away, leaving the owners forced to sell to Golisano. Who, then restocks the team and lets the money flow again.

Then last friday, more money came in from other owners besides Steve Donner. So who knows whats going on. But I have no doubt since Golisano took over in Buffalo, the Amerks have gotten worse. They were 5th two years ago in the North and now they will be last in their division. The Sabres got better, while the farm got worse. Filled with less and less talent, spread over two teams and its taken its toll financially.

The Sabres haven't stated anything lately on the Rochester situation, you'd think if they were going to make a move they would say something already. The relationship with Rochester makes sense and should be saved in my eyes. Maybe its just a case of breaking a few windows to lower the price, so you can buy low. Golisano sure bought the Sabres low, now the value skyrocketed. I have no doubt he could do the same with the Amerks.

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