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Thursday, March 6, 2008

MAAC Tourney Time!!!!!!(Move over ladies, time for the Men)

Well I have fond memories of the MAAC tournament, from the magical Canisius run of 2001. Celebrating the next year in my dorm room with my friends as they beat the #1 seed. Then going by myself to the tourney, when they were in Buffalo last. Going to the MAAC tournament alone, is maybe one of the saddest things to do in the world. Then last year taking a trip out to see my best friend and hanging out in Bridgeport watching crappy basketball. Especially the second game, where the Griffs got stomped.

I wasn't the only one to head to Bridgeport for the Canisius game. But I was one of the few.

Well this time the Tourney is closer in Albany. But I will not attend since I have better plans, like go see the Drowsy Chaperone at Shea's on Saturday night, it was for my girlfriends birthday, and yes I'm excited to go. Well it doesn't matter that much, since the Griffs are awful this year and have zero chance of winning the thing. And people around here are pumping up Niagara, but they ain't winning it either. Nor will I let them. So who will win the MAAC on the Men's side this year? I have come up with a check list.

1. Did they lose to Canisius, if yes, they will not win the MAAC.
This knocks out Niagara and Fairfield. You lose to the Griffs, you suck.

2. Can they score? Anyone below top 6, you're gone.
This knocks out Canisius (obviously), Iona, St Peters and Manhattan.

3. Can they stop people? Anyone below top 5, you're gone.
Good night Siena. I know they are the #1 seed and at home. The numbers are adding up to them being a little suspect.

4. Who's Left?
Rider, Loyola and Marist.

5. Who is better at Free throws?
Rider and Marist are tied for last, this means Loyola gets in the championship game.

6. Between Rider and Marist, who is better from the Floor?
Rider is first in field goal % and 3 point %. They get into the Championship game.

7. Who wins Rider or Loyola?
We go to the most obvious way to tell, who beat Canisius by the most points combined. Loyola beat Canisius by only 23 points in two games. Rider beat Canisius by a combined 82 points this year. This is a blowout.

Your 2008 MAAC Champions The Rider Broncs!


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