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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Bison talk

With the start of baseball today and working near Dunn Tire Park, it gets me in the mood for watching some baseball. But its hard to see who is going to be playing with the Herd this year. You look at the Bisons site and you have an idea, but its all up and down, then you have to look at prospects in the Indians camp and its like I would like to know, before I head to DTP, who the hell is playing. So lets do some digging and see who might be playing with the Bisons come April.

Well good news for Bisons fans the Tribe optioned both Jeremy Sowers and Aaron Laffey to Buffalo to start the year. Both are good young pitchers, but will need some action and we get to see these two young future MLB starters for a little. Well until there are injuries and then they will go up. Adam Miller should also be in the starting rotation for the Herd to start the year, after having a decent year last year. He is the top prospect in the organization and your typical big time pitcher. The fifth rated prospect in the organization, Chuck Lofgren, should also be in Buffalo to start the year. And rounding out the rotation looks like to be a journeyman player Jeff Harris. But with a starting rotation of Sowers, Laffey, Miller and Lofgren, the Bisons are going to be hard to hit early in the year. Especially in the cold, where the Bats are going to sting your hands. Plus coming out of the Bullpen is my favorite Bison name ever, Bubbie Buzachero. Your typical middle relief type player.

On the offensive side, looks like the big stud in Buffalo this year will be Jordan Brown, 1B. He was an mvp of the Carolina League and had an excellent year with Akron last year. Hitting .333 with 85 RBIs. His former teammate at Arizona, Trevor Crowe, should also be in the Outfield for the herd come April. Though outfield is a depth position in Cleveland, and who knows stuck in Akron. He hasn't been as productive as he was in college, but the potential is there for another Grady Sizmoresque player. Other guys in the outfield should be Brad Snyder, Jason Tyner, Jason Cooper and Jonathan Van Every and maybe Ben Francisco due to depth issues. Like pitching the outfield is going to be very deep for the Bisons.

Behind the plate Wyatt Toregas looks to be the starting catcher with Yamid Haad as his backup. Now in the infield is where the concern for me is. The Herd has a potential power source in Michael Aubrey at First and DH. He will split with another power hitter Ryan Mulhern. I honestly don't know who is starting at 3rd. Marte would, but he wouldn't pass through waivers. The infield might be filled with guys on the verge, journeyman free agents or guys a little too green for AAA.

But for Torey Lovullo, its an embarrassment of riches on the mound and in the outfield. He'll have some power and will just hope the infield comes together for them to make a run at the IL title. I hope to be there enough to watch it all happen. Because theres nothing better then a Bison game in the middle of summer.

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