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Friday, March 14, 2008

Lindy talks to Pommers about playing defense

(from yesterday's practice, Lindy talking to Pominville about possibly playing defense on Friday night)

Lindy: Hey Pommers!

(Pominville gives a startled glare and skates over)

Pommers: What is it coach?

Lindy: Um we're a bit banged up on the defensive side, so hows about playing some defense?

Pommers: Well I think I'd be more useful on the offensive side, but what ever you need coach, I'm one with the system.

Lindy: The System? Ha what system?

Pommers: Wait I've been taught this system since I came up in this organization and now you're saying there is no system?

Lindy: No, of course not. It just sounds good. You think if we had a system we'd put you on defense? Hell no. I'm just lining guys up and telling them to do stuff. If thats a system then I guess we got one.

Pommers: I feel lied to and betrayed.

Lindy: Suck it up dummy. Just go play some hockey. Look at that Kaleta kid, he's dumb as a bag of rocks. I tell him to go skate around and hit people and he does. You I tell go out and score and set up people. Thats a good system. Coach says, player does.

Pommers: What about Max? He doesn't do a damn thing you say.

Lindy: Um, he... hes. uh, special?

Pommers: Special? He skates around does his own thing and usually gives the puck up.

Lindy: Well thats what I want him to do. Yeah, thats it.

Pommers: That doesn't make any sense, wait! He's gotta something on you doesn't he, and Darcy. Thats the only way hes still around here. Hes Russian, probably uses some KGB tactics or something.


Pommers: WHAT?

Lindy: Uh, nothing. Screw this defense thing, just call up Funk.

(Pominville skates away confused)

Lindy: Oh man that was close, Max did you get that Watch I sent you?

Max: (garbled english)

Lindy: Good, its real. Oh god no one needs to find out about my secret.

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