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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well we found the new Captain

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Well it took till march, but the rotating captaincy in my mind is over. Jochen I thought would keep it. But he might just be an "A", but Mr Pominville has been quite consistent as the year as gone on. Plus he's been picking it up of late. The one guy you find showing up every night is Jason Pominville. He's quiet, he works hard, but the puck goes in the net. And its not shock he also plays on the same line with another consistent player, Jochen Hecht. (Who with even Danny Briere couldn't get to 20 goals) Now paired with Paul Gaustad, they form the top line. Plus they are sound both ways. But being consistent doesn't make you a captain right?

I think thats wrong. He's always taking the tough questions, hes always there for the guys. He's not a yeller, a screamer or a blame everyone else but me guy. A guy that was waived 2 years ago, and NO ONE wanted him. The Sabres I'm sure prayed to the Hockey Gods, he'd pass through. He's worked up his way through the lineup to be the leading scorer of the HIGHEST SCORING TEAM in the league. But who talks about him being a great player, no one. Hes totally under the radar of everyone. Yet if you don't pay attention, he'll kill you. So lets go to the numbers.

26 goals 48 assists 74 points and a +21

He's 17th in the league in points

So far in March he has 7 Goals 14 Points and a +10, a + 9 in the last 3 games. So when his team needs him the most and when the C anointed on him, he has delivered. The "C" can be heavy, but it just makes Pominville seem faster. This is after coming off a 17 point February. So, as the games got more and more important, he showed up every night. He feels like if Danny Briere merged with Chris Drury, you'd get Jason Pominville. Not that big, quiet, puts in key goals but also can set up anyone on the ice.

So Darcy, this summer. Talk with Pominvilles agent. Work out a long term deal. You know 6, 7 years. 30 to 35 million. It seems like a lot. But this kid is only gonna get better. Come next summer some one will put a offer sheet in on him. Lock him down, and show the team you value leadership. Don't let this one get away.

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