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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Well, Well, Well

James Mccoy Buffalo News

Hey there Griffs, you shocked me. I didn't think you would win a game in the tournament, and you go out and beat Iona in the first round. Pretty embarrassing for the Gaels. Maybe it took to the end of the year for the Griffs to find out who are the players going forward. Its been a bad year and losing in the first round would be even worse. The Griffs are the first 10 seed to win a game in the tournament. And they even did it with those awful yellow shoes. Seriously, look at those. Guys must be distracted by them.

Bob Bevilaqua and Rishawn Johnson led the team with 14 points a piece and Frank Turner was right behind with 12 points, 6 assists and 4 steals. A pretty good night for Frank Turner. Greg Logins was the closer with scoring the key points down the stretch and grabbing a critical rebound. Now more fun with Tom Parrotta quotes.

“No one expected us to win this basketball game except the guys in that locker room,” Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. “This is a huge step forward for this program. It’s hard to win in the postseason and that makes this win that much better.”
If winning the 7-10 game is a huge step forward, then Canisius basketball is in a worse spot then I thought it was. Its hard to win in the postseason? Well the MAAC Tournament is not what i really call the postseason. Its all games to get out of the way before some team can make the tournament. THATS the postseason. But he's right I didn't expect them to win, and probably some of the guys in the locker room didn't either.

Next up #2 seed Rider at 730pm tonight. The GCFB pick to win the whole thing Rider.

Well on the downside the Ladies ended their season with a valiant effort against the #1 seed Marist. I thought they'd lose by 20, but had a lead at halftime, but then went absolutely frigid from the field and it cost them the ballgame. Ending up shooting 28% for the game. Too bad more girls didn't show up like Laura Buetow, who played like it was her last game (it was) She ended up with 13 points and 15 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, otherwise a force inside. Cavo and Russell only combined for 15 points, you gotta get better numbers from your two best players. And shooting a combined 4 for 19 ain't getting it done. But they are young and they will be back. The ladies have a bright future next year being led by Cavo and Russell.

Good job ladies see ya next year!

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