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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sabre Game night

Well this game could be a total disaster, Kalinin and Spacek are out, meaning the defensive corp includes Paetsch, Weber and Sekera. Though Sekera has played not so bad of late being a +1 in the last 4 games, and playing lots of minutes. There is not doubt Sekera is on the squad next year. Mike Weber is on the verge and could see an opportunity to work his way on the big club next year. Peters is out with a suspension and Connolly might not play due to his wonky hip. And whats that? Adam Mair is hurt. Oh boy. I know they are close to the playoffs, but it ain't happening. Too many injuries and the chemistry is all out of whack, plus Ryan Miller isn't at the top of his game. He's great one minute then lets in that first Ranger goal. I personally don't think missing the playoffs is that bad. This team needs that reality check. They make the 8th seed and then get eliminated, they can go back to "at least we made the playoffs".

But we all know whos who on the Pen's but for a change I'll give you why you should watch.

1. Malkin is worth watching, too bad Crosby isn't playing

2. See how Weber plays, could be on the squad next year, lets see where he is.

3. The possibility of Pominville playing defense, now thats something to see. Kate is right, if you're going down, make it funny.

4. Its not on Versus, so you get Rick Jeanneret, time is running out on getting some good RJ action this year.

5. The Kaleta! should return. Meaning a pissed of Kaleta. He's gonna hit anything that moves and it should be fun.

Well I'll be out eating so enjoy watching the game.

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