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Friday, March 7, 2008

A MAAC update

James McCoy Buffalo News

Well as could be expected, the Lady Griffs whooped on the "ladies" from Niagara. The final score is closer then the game was. The Griffs called off the dogs mid way through the 2nd half. Obviously because Canisius is charitable and theres no reason to embarrass someone. The two leading scorers on the Griffs once again came to play with Russell putting in 16 and Amanda Cavo with 15, Russell also led in rebounds with 9. They played hard, shot 43% and held Niagara to 33%. A good win in the first round for a young Griff squad still learning how to play the College game. Unfortunate for them they run into Marist today. Who is ranked 20th in the country. And completely demolished the Griffs last time they played. I think the Griffs will play closer, but they won't pull it out. Marist is too good and they are experienced.

In other news the Buffalo News has a hilarious article in todays paper about the Mens Squad.
How they are "optimistic about their chances". HAHAHAHAHAHA. There are some doozies in this article. Including this gem.

“I have a lot of confidence in us,” said freshman forward Elton Frazier. “We can knock off a lot of teams and make their season worse by ending it early.”
You might be the only one Elton, because you can't knock off a lot of teams, because your not good enough and your coach hasn't figured out the lineup yet. Lets look at the stats, shall we.

Your last in Scoring Offense
Your last in Scoring Defense
You get beat by the most points on average
Your FG% is also dead last

Those are ingredients in the One and done scenario recipe. Enjoy thinking your a spoiler for today. Because you're done after tonight.

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