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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

David Duprey

Well after another OT/shootout loss. The Sabres are kinda staying in things, but slowly falling away from things. They need wins, and they aren't getting them. Goaltending is iffy at times. Scoring isn't consistent and the defense is downright awful most of the time. Now with Kalinin and Spacek hurt, and Tallinder still out. The Sabres could have. Lydman, Sekera, Paetsch, Pratt, and maybe Weber and maybe call up Gragnani to play a forward/defenseman role. Thats a pretty bad thought when thinking of making a playoff run.

This team hasn't been consistent all year, its been looking for its leader, and it doesn't seem anyone steps up and wants to take it. Maybe it takes a year like this to really see where you are. Even if they make the 8th spot, they probably will lose in the first round. Its extra revenue and more excitement, but its also more disappointment. Especially if they go and get swept. Its almost worse then not making the playoffs.

This team needs a little retooling, a little offseason rework. Sign some guys, trade others and just let others walk out the door. Kalinin, is good as gone this year. He's not gonna get a big deal, but his time is over in Buffalo. That frees up some money to maybe go get a solid blue liner. But this brings up the question about the support after this season.

Where will it be?

It won't be like it was last year, where things were nutty, things are still solid this year, but more toned down. But will go back to after lockout support, where it took till the holidays to really sell out a game? Will season ticket sales plummet? If the Bills are decent next year, will the Sabres go back to #2 in town? Its no coincidence that the local blog explosion coincided with the Sabres resurgence. It may have help drive the excitement. But as the team struggles I can see the interest wane. I would say my interest waned, but it waned last year too. It has nothing to do with the team, it has to do with the season being too long. The NFL is perfect. 16 games, one a week. But 82 games? Way to many.

After a great 2 year run, it might be time to take a step back to move forward. Before the lockout the Sabres finished 9th. Now the game has returned to pre lockout conditions, and the Sabres will probably finish 9th again.

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