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Thursday, March 6, 2008

MAAC Tourney Time!!! (Ladies first)

Hey its tournament time baby!!!!! The ladies tip off at Noon today in Albany to kick start the best Mid Conference tournament in the Northeast. Rider and Loyola will start things off in the 7-10 game that plays midweek at noon. The under over on attendance is about 15 people. Then the marquee game of the day starts around 2pm. With our beloved Lady Griffs take on those less then stellar reputation ladies from Niagara. I think we all know what they say about girls from Niagara.

But it doesn't really matter. If you're playing today, you are not going to win the tournament. Especially not going to beat Marist this year.

Lets look at why Marist is going to roll on to the Big Dance.

  1. Undefeated in MAAC Play (18-0) 28-2 on the year
  2. Highest scoring team in the MAAC
  3. 2nd best defense in the MAAC
  4. Win games on average by 15 points.
  5. Shoot 80% from the line
  6. Shoot 45% from the field
  7. Teams shoot 35% from the field against them
Thats 7 reasons why the Red Foxes will roll onto to the title and get throttled by a bigger better team in the tournament. But hey with that record they might get a higher seed and beat somebody. Its all about MAAC love here at GCFB. Unless its Niagara. That school can burn to the ground.

The Lady Griffs are a bit young. But they can win a few games. Terry Zeh has experience, but this isn't the year. Next year the Griffs will put together a season to compete for the MAAC championship.

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