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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sabres Canes Preview

Yeah these 3 guys make up half the defense

Instead of the usual logo business I thought I put these three guys up here. Funk, Sekera and Weber. Half the Sabre defense tonight against the what, the 4th highest scoring team in the NHL? Oh boy. Though Sekera has been playing well and Weber I think will turn out to be a rock eventually. Due to injuries the future is now in Buffalo. Sometimes you have to go through growing pains. I'm sure when Darcy traded Campbell, he didn't envision bad memories of the ECF of 2006. Where the defense went down one by one. All you need now is Pratt to get a staph infection somehow. Make sure the pads are spotless after every game. Disinfect those bad boys or just buy new equipment. But the Sabres have plenty of problems besides injuries. Lack of inspired play, goal scoring and just general lack of effort. You would like to believe they want to make the playoffs, but sometimes you never know if they just want the season to end and start all over again next year. I hope they come out hard, since I might actually see part of this one.

The Canes

Well here come the Canes, just in time for injuries to the defense. Ironic isn't it. When the Sabres are down the Canes are here to stomp on the corpse. But the canes are hot. Winning 8 out of their last 9. Our boy Cam Ward has started 10 in a row. Do I smell a John Grahame start? The Sabres are down, Cam Ward needs a rest and theres a big game against Ottawa Sunday. The Canes are hot, even while hurt Justin Williams, Chad LaRose, Rod Brindamour are out and Ray Whitney is doubtful. Eric Staal is having quite the year with 34 goals. But Without Whitney and Rod the Bod, they are missing tons of offense. So if Grahame gets a go and with the injuries this maybe a fair fight.

Well enjoy tonight if you can.

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