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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Seeing the way the wind blows

Its 930am and I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee already, so I'm a little wired and I keep hearing about well the Sabres won't make the playoffs because other teams are hot. Well the Sabres got hot, not to long ago and were in 6th. So they are in a cold snap and others are in a hot stretch. But since the Sabres are streaky, a new hot stretch would seem to be right around the corner. You know just in time for the end of the season. So what the GCFB will do is look back to the start of the West Coast trip till the Red wing game. A total of 42 games. And we'll break down in segments to see if we can see how the next 16 games will go.

From 12/5 to 12/22

Sabres start off terrible on the west coast, put out for dead then go on a run. Their total record during this 10 game stretch is 7-3

From 12/26 to 1/16

This is the infamous 10 game winless streak that came right after winning 70% of their last 10 games, the actual record for this stretch is, 0-5-5.

From 1/18 to 2/10

This stretch is where the Sabres being to get back their game and climb up the standings, during this 11 game stretch where they finally learn to win, and beat a good Dallas club on the road. The record during this stretch was, 7-2-2.

From 2/12/ to 3/2

They continue their hot stretch, but it soon cools off, leading up to the trade deadline and after. The injury to Jochen Hecht is also important to note. The record for the last 11 games, 5-5-1.

So over the last 42 games the Sabres have gone, 19-15-11. Thats the record of a mediocre club that goes into hot and cold patches. I think they have a couple bad games left in them. Before they turn it on for the final 12 games. It really all depends on Rangers and Flyers and how they finish. Because it maybe a little too late for the Sabres to really get in the final spot. I hope I'm wrong.

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