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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lets look at the numbers

I missed last night's game, due to having dinner with the girlfriend, and it looks like a awesome decision. Well it always a great decision, but in seeing what I missed, another smart one on my part to ignore the game and enjoy my night. My girlfriend has pulled me away from many sabre disasters this year, another reason why she's great. But I love numbers and stats and I thought I would look at the game stats from yesterday. Maybe to see where things went wrong, or why their isn't any heart. Really they have been playing without heart since January of last year to be honest. They had so much talent, it didn't come up as often as it does this year. But lets go to the numbers

We'll start with Defensemen TOI

Lydman 24:41 a +1
Sekera 23:53 a -3 (Yikes)
Pratt 21:11 a -3 (Yikes)
Tallinder 20:38 a +1
Weber 16:57 a +2 (What?)
Paetsch 6:26 a 0 (knocked out)

So Pratt and Sekera were defensive liabilities yesterday. Of course the Pens scored 3 power play goals so it might have been worse. But the oh boy stat of the night.

Adam Mair 6:38 TOI -3. Hes obviously a liability right now, but hes gutting it out, since hes a real hockey player.

The Sabres aren't going to make the playoffs now with 2 defensemen out. Paetsch probably out now with a concussion. So lets play for next year. Miller is tired and needs a night off. Lets throw T-Bo in and just trust him. Time to play What the Fuck hockey. You lose by 5 goals, big deal. Go out play your heart out and see whats going on. Play for a job next year. For me theres a handful of guys who earn a spot.

Pominville, Roy, Vanek, Gaustad, Sekera, Mair, Hecht, Lydman, Tallinder, Sekera, Spacek.

Pominville is so underrated on this team and by the fans its unbelievable. I'd sign him to a long term deal before Miller. Because I want to see what this Jhonas Enroth can do in the AHL next year. If he lights it on fire, I'll let Miller go. Its a crazy strategy. But this team was better when everyone was playing for a contract. Sign a bunch of guys to 1 year deals or trade for guys in their last year. And let 'em loose.

After last nights game the Sabres are 6-8-6 versus the Atlantic division. Thats pretty bad.

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coolman856 said...

With the back to back weekend we have, it would make sense to see Thibault in during one of those games. I guess it really depends on how he plays. Since he has shown a glimmer of hope, being the shutout in Montreal, he can sorta play. But he also is the human five hole for a reason. Since I am going to the game on Friday, I guess I would rather see someone play who actually gives a damn. Not sure if I am going to see that effort though.

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